Monday, July 31, 2006

Catching Up on Sleep

Bud slept in today! He really needed it. He didn't get up until 8:00 or so, which meant M-lady and I were able to sleep in until then as well. So nice!

I got up with him, and we had a good time. He had some milk and finished up the available watermelon, prompting M-lady to cut up another section. After eating, we did some reading, counting and stacking cups, and wrestling. He was in a good mood when Nanny J arrived.

Bud and Nanny J headed off to the library to find some air conditioning and look at the big fish tank again, but it was apparently closed today. They ended up walking around the park instead. Bud took a reasonable nap in the afternoon, as was also in good spirits when I got home around 5:00.

M-lady had the last Monday night class in a series she's been taking tonight, so left around the same time as Nanny J, leaving Bud and I for the evening. We hung out and played for a few minutes, but Bud indicated he was hungry pretty quickly. We had pizza for dinner, and Bud said 'pee-pah' a few times while eating, so that mystery may have been solved.

After dinner, I put some more swing music on, and Bud and I danced for a bit. He really digs the more powerful, modern swing. Tonight it was Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. After dancing for bit, we went out for a walk, and returned just in time to catch Pingu.

Bud went to sleep with no fuss at all tonight at a little after 8:00. He was pretty sleepy. I hope he sleeps in tomorrow as well!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Go Mommy!

I had a long bike ride today. Actually, it was an event for owners of the bike that I have, based from the bike factory in south Santa Cruz. I ended up being gone for most of the day, and M-lady did a great job of taking care of Bud.

At about 6:00, Bud made some noise and M-lady went and lay down on the couch in his room to try to entice him back to sleep. I got up at about 6:30 to get ready to go. I looked in on Bud and M-lady before I left, and M-lady was asleep on the couch, with Bud awake and standing quietly in his crib looking at her. I wish I could have gotten a photo.

The reports I received of later events of the day included a trip to walk around Stanford campus with Aunt O. Bud was apparently thrilled with the clock tower, including the visible mechanism at the base of the tower, as well as the chiming of the hours. Aunt O also heard Bud call her Ah-yi, which reportedly made her day.

When I arrived home at about dinnertime, Bud was a little fussy, but both he and M-lady were doing pretty well. Dinner was had by all, M-lady went to take a nap, and I watched Bud for the rest of the evening.

Bud had only a short nap during the day, so we played and ate and watched a little TV. We managed to get a video call in to another set of grandparents, but Bud was getting pretty fidgety. After a whole lot of watermelon, bedtime came a little earlier than usual. We started the routine at about 7:15, and by 7:30 he was sound asleep.

Back on the Bike

Or behind it, at least. Bud woke a little bit after 7:00 this morning, and M-lady got him out of bed and got started on the morning routine. She had to hand him off to me pretty quickly, though, in order to head back to the BlogHer conference.

Bud and I had a good morning. We played a little, watched a little Bob the Builder, and read some stories. Bud did managed to tear off a good sized bite of one of the pages of a book, so I had to effect some repairs, but other than that it was a pretty uneventful morning.

After a small second breakfast, I sunscreened Bud and plopped him into the bike trailer for the first time in a while. He got into the trailer without struggle, and seemed excited to go for a ride. We headed up to a park in Palo Alto where we met Nanny K for lunch.

Bud fell asleep on the ride up, and woke shortly after we got there. He was pretty happy to see Nanny K, but not so interested in lunch as we sat in the shade and tried to get him to eat a bit. He had some raisins and cereal, but not much else. He was very interested in the trains going by, and tring to get his hands on the dirty parts of the bike (tires, chain, derailleurs, etc.).

After lunch, we played on the playground equipment, which we had to ourselves. Bud had a good time playing in the sand, climbing some of the play structures, and going down slides (with a little help). We had to pack up to head for home before too long, and say goodbye to Nanny K.

The ride home was fine, and to my surprise Bud stayed awake. It wasn't too hot today, and Bud should have had a pretty good breeze through the trailer with the side panels removed. When we got home, Bud sucked down the smoothie I'd been trying to entice him with at lunchtime, more or less in a single pull.

M-lady and I attended two weddings in the afternoon and evening, so Nanny J arrived at about 3:00 to watch Bud. He was getting tired by that point, having only napped the 40 minutes during the ride earlier in the day. When we returned, the report was that they had a very pleasant evening, and Bud had fallen asleep easily. I'm looking forward to more rides with him soon.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Hanging with Baba

M-lady attended the BlogHer conference today, so I took care of Bud in the morning and evening. He woke at about 7:00, and I discovered that I had forgotten to close his blackout blind the previous night, which was why he was up even after getting to bed late. Oh well.

We got up, had some milk, read some stories, and watched some Bob the Builder. I was more awake this morning than I was yesterday, so we actually had some fun together, reading and wrestling and playing with plastic shovels.

Nanny J arrived at about 9:00, and Bud didn't want me to go at first. He was distracted by Nanny J's car keys, though. It's good to know where I rank on the scale of important things :).

Bud ate pretty well during the day, and had a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. Normally, that would be fine, but having missed out on about 2 hours of sleep last night, I was a little concerned that he would melt down in the evening. At about 6:00pm he got very upset, so I started in on dinner. I made french toast and also cooked some corn on the cob for him. The corn was a hit, the french toast not so much. Boy, did he go at that corn, though. After about 10 minutes just handed a very soggy and very empty cob back to me. He topped off the corn with some blueberries, and a couple bites of the french toast.

After dinner we had a video call with a set of grandparents, who were very happy to see him. Bud managed to get ahold of a pen on my desk while we were chatting, though, and didn't want to give it up. I was okay with him waving it while he was sitting in my lap, but I didn't want him running around with it. When I took it from him, I attempted to replace it with another intersting object, but he was having none of it. He threw a pretty hefty tantrum, running out of the room screaming. He would peek back in to make sure I was still watching, and scream some more. Just checking his audience. I eventually scooped him up and we calmed down with some Bob the Builder.

The rest of the evening was fine. We had a little bit of ice cream as a treat before bed, and then caught Pingu for our standard nighttime routine. While Bud was having his before-bed milk, M-lady returned home. She read a few stories to Bud while he finished his milk, and helped put him to bed. He fussed a bit more than last night when left in his crib, but seems to have finally fallen asleep. I double checked the blinds tonight.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Family Outings

Bud got up at about 7:00 this morning. I could hear him on the monitor, saying "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba". So I got up and we did our morning routine; he was definitely more awake than I was, though. I handed him over to M-lady at about 8:30 so I could get ready for a meeting I needed to call into. When I came out, they were getting into a second breakfast of waffles and blueberries. Bud tucked away about half a bushel of blueberries. I'm not sure where he puts it all.

After that, we packed up and all headed over to the mommy/play group together. Bud did his usual shy thing, hugging my leg for the first 10 minutes or so, before venturing out to inspect the host's toys. He eventually found a hammer, which he proceed to use on just about everything, including the fireplace, an assortment of balls, the floor, other toys, and assorted furniture. He didn't try to use it on any of the other kids there, though, so that was good.

We made it home without Bud falling asleep, which was kind of unexpected. He apparently went down for his nap a little bit after Nanny J arrived, and slept for a good 2.5 hours.

In the evening, we played, and watched a little bit of TV, and then had chicken for dinner. Bud would alternately ask for chicken and juice. He says "juice", but for chicken he would cluck ("bk-bk-bk-bk"). I think it's hilarious that he asks for chicken to eat using the chicken sound. I'm not sure if he's connected that the barnyard chicken is the same thing as the dinner chicken, or if he just knows they are the same word, but I still think it's funny.

After dinner we packed up for our second outing of the day. A friend of ours is getting married this weekend, and she and her fiance held a dance lesson and dance before the wedding. We showed up around the end of the lesson, and got to stay for the first hour or so of open dancing. Bud did his quiet, observing thing for a while, until he saw Nanny K. He gave her a smile and a giggle and she scooped him up, letting M-lady and I get in a couple of dances.

Bud was great all evening, and got handed around between Nanny K, M-lady, and me. He even showed off a few of his dance moves at one point. But the whole event really occurred after his bedtime, so we left pretty quickly and brought him home. Once again, he surprised us by not falling asleep on the drive, and we got to do a pretty standard bedtime routine at home, albeit about 90 minutes later than usual.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Non-Daddy Day

M-lady got up with Bud this morning at about 7:45. Thank goodness he's getting up at a reasonable hour again. M-lady was planning on getting me out of bed and handing him over so she could get ready for work, but apparently he was too darn cute and having such a good time that she took care of him until Nanny J arrived at 9:00. I got to sleep in.

I saw Bud a little in the morning when I made my way to the office. He was in good spirits. He and Nanny J went to the library again today, and reports have it that he likes to take all the books off the shelves and organize them into two piles: the ones we have at home and ones that we don't. I'm not sure if he's planning on reading all the books we don't have, or just the ones we do have.

It was also discovered today that Bud is no longer interested in eating yogurt from the yogurt container. Disguising the yogurt works well, though. Nanny J and M-lady mixed the yogurt with apple juice, called it a smoothie and put it in a cup with a straw, and he sucked it all down. Presentation is key!

In the evening, I took a quick bike ride after work and ended up only really spending about an hour with Bud before bedtime. It was a good hour, though. We read some stories (which was what he'd been doing with M-lady while I was riding), and then did Pingu and the bedtime routine.

We've been trying to cut his hair a bit this week: I'll hold him, and M-lady will snip a few locks until he gets squirmy. Then a bit more the next night. Over the course of several days, we've managed to thin out the hair on the back of his head enough that his neck isn't covered quite so much. Tonight, however, we made a tactical error and he ended up getting hair all over the back of his neck. So I took a quick rinse shower with him. He was a bit disappointed that we didn't do the whole shower routine, but he'd already had a bath earlier in the day.

He was pretty tired by the time we got him to bed, and went down without a fuss.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back to the Routine

Bud slept in until about 7:45 today, which was fantastic. The major heatwave has almost broken... it was much cooler today (high in the low 90s instead of low 100s). Bud did have a little bit of heat rash when he woke up in the morning under his chin and on his chest, but it was pretty minor and didn't seem to bother him too much. We treated it with wet compresses, and it seemed much better by evening.

I had to run fairly early in the morning, but word was he and Nanny J had a good time at the library. He had a good nap, and by the time I got home in the early evening was doing pretty well. He has introduced a new word which we're all trying to interpret: 'pee-pah', occasionally repeated. We haven't quite figured out what he's trying to indicate. Nanny J thought it might be 'peek-a-boo', but he used to say 'boo' for that, and he doesn't always say 'pee-pah' while hiding. I'm sure we'll figure it out at some point.

We played and ate strawberries while M-lady made a grocery run, and when she came back with Jamba Juices we sucked on those together for a while. I also cooked some rice for him, and Bud ate quite a bit, right up to Pingu and the bedtime routine. He went down very quietly tonight... I think we're getting back to easy bedtimes. Yay!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Tired Out

Bud got up at about 6:45 today, which was more palatable than the 5:00 and 5:45 he's been doing recently. M-lady got him and let me sleep for another hour or so, at which point I got up to take him. M-lady had to work today (I took the day off), so she couldn't come with us to the zoo.

He was in a good mood, and we hung out until the grandparents arrived at about 9:30. We all packed up and headed off to Happy Hollow. It was warm, but the park was empty. I think we saw maybe three other families while we were there.

The animals were out today, and hanging out by the edges of their enclosures. We all got good looks at the jaguar, the lemurs, the capybaras, and the pot-bellied pigs for the first time. Bud also enjoyed hanging out with the pygmy goats for a little while, and really liked looking at the macaws.

After the zoo side of the park, we went over to the amusement park side and played on some of the playground equipment for a while. I took Bud down a couple of slides, as did Grandad B. We lunched at the usual Kiddie Cafe, and Bud went on the carousel afterwards with Grandad B as well.

Bud, of course, fell asleep on the way home, and had about a ninety minute nap. He was a bit groggy when he woke up, and drank a lot of juice and a fair chunk of a smoothie I made for him. This revived him a bit, and we all headed outside to play with the water toys again and wait for M-lady to get home. He had a lot of fun in the water again, and seemed much more comfortable this time getting into and out of the ring of sprinklers than yesterday. So we all had a good time with that again.

M-lady came home, and we all played together for a little while before the grandparents had to leave to catch their plane home. It was sad to see them go, but they had such a great visit. Bud really enjoyed their company. I hope we can get out to see them before too long.

M-lady left at a little after 6:00 for a class for the evening, so Bud and I went for a walk. Bud was great, and we chatted and sang as I pushed him in the stroller. He was getting tired by the time we got home, so we had some ice cream to cool off, watched just a little TV, caught Pingu, and started the bedtime routine. By the time I put Bud to bed, he was exhausted. He gave a cursory little cry as I turned out the lights, but it seemed more a token effort, and he went to sleep quickly.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Fun Day with the Grandparents

Bud woke this morning at about 5:45, and though I tried to get him to go back to sleep, he was up for the long haul at that point. At about 6:15 we got up and had some milk and watched the final stage of the Tour. Bud had some vast quantity of milk... probably in the 15-18 ounces range. I suspect he was thirsty after a very warm and sweaty night.

The grandparents arrived at about 9:30, and the day was already starting to heat up. We met Nanny K and J for dim sum. The grandparents hadn't had dim sum before, and they enjoyed the experience and the food. Bud ate a whole load of greenbeans, occasionally agressively enough that I had to watch out for my fingers. He also enjoyed some pork buns and other items, and was pretty well fed (as were the rest of us) by the time we left.

When we got home, we decided to set up his water table in the shade of the tree out in front of the house. It was plenty warm out, and Bud had a good time splashing away. We also tried out one of the new toys I got for Bud a while ago, and inflatable ring which has several small jets of water when hooked up to the hose. Bud really liked that one... it's a keeper!

We took a shower after playing in the water, and a nap followed shortly after that. He napped for about 2 and a half hours during the heat of the day, and the rest of us took naps and rested as well.

When he got up, a bit groggy, we decided to go out and meet Uncle C and Aunt O for dinner, rather than grilling burgers at home as we had originally planned. It was way too hot out to grill. I suppose on the plus side I wouldn't have had to turn the grill on.... In any case, it was much more pleasant to find an air-conditioned restaurant to serve us burgers. We met at Johnny Rocket's at the Great Mall, and while the mall itself was packed with folks trying to get out of the heat, the restaurant was pretty comfortable.

Bud got a treat of a vanilla milkshake at dinner, and finished the whole thing, along with some chicken and the occasional french fry. We were afraid he was going to get brain freeze the way he was pulling at the shake.

We wandered around the mall for a little bit after dinner, which was much quieted. The trip home was uneventful, although Bud was getting tired. We got home in time to catch Pingu, and start the standard bedtime routine.

Bud had a great day with the grandparents, and was constantly playing and interacting with them. The video calls we've been doing have certainly made him comfortable with them, which is great. Isn't technology fantastic?

Bud cried for a couple of minutes when we put him in his crib, but the time he's crying each night is shortening now. Hopefully he'll be back to going to sleep quietly by the end of the week.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Visit From the Grandparents

Bud woke this morning at about 6:45, and M-lady got up to get him. I could hear him calling for me, though, standing outside the door. M-lady managed to distract him for a while, but as he continued a little later, I got up and went out to see how things were going at about 7:30.

M-lady managed to get a little bit more sleep in, and then left for a bridal shower up in the city. Bud and I had a snack, and then I took him over to the local bike store to drop off my bike for service. He really enjoyed seeing all the bicycles in the shop, and didn't want to leave when it was time to go. But we had to get home to receive our visitors...

Grandma W and Grandad B showed up shortly after we arrived home, and Bud warmed up to them very quickly and had a great afternoon playing with them. It's nice that he recognizes and trusts them from interactions on the video calls. M-lady got home shortly after lunch, and we waited out the heat of the afternoon at home. Bud fell asleep for a nap very quickly at about 2:00, and the grandparents took a quick break to go check into their hotel.

When they came back, we went to dinner at Fresh Choice. The place was absolutely packed, but we had a good time. Bud had a reasonably good meal, although he started with an apple crumb cake muffin before he got into the beans. He did get a little bit of ice cream for dessert, which he smiled and giggled about.

After dinner we took a quick trip to Fry's and then home. It was pretty late, so we watched a Bob the Builder and started the bedtime routine while the grandparents left for the evening. We added a quick hair cut to the normal routine since it's really hot and bud's neck is getting very sweaty. We don't want him to get a heat rash, so M-lady too a few quick snips at his hair to clear up his neck. Bud cried for a few minutes after being put to bed, but not for too long. Hope he sleeps through the night.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Some Better Sleep

Bud slept through the night last night, which was nice. He work at about 6:45, and M-lady got up to take care of him. They woke me up together somtime nearer to 8:00am.

Bud and I hung out, and read some books. The books were strewn all over the playroom, evidence that M-lady had been performing the same duty a bit earlier. After some books, we watched a Bob the Builder and then ate some waffle and watermelon.

M-lady and I had to take off for our last day of teaching dance, and got back home in the late afternoon. Bud had a good day with Nanny J, checking out the Cupertino Library (in search of air-conditioning). There's also apparently a very nice fish tank at the Library which Bud was fascinated with.

After a quick dinner, in which Bud ate pretty well, M-lady took a bit of a nap. I watched Bud some more, and we played and wrestled and watched some more TV. We happened across several episodes of Pingu in the evening, which was fun.

Bud had sweated quite a bit during his nap, so he and I climbed into the shower a little before bedtime. We played with bubbles in the shower, and generally cooled off. Afterwards, Nanny J arrived to watch Bud and M-lady and I got ready and left for the the final evening event of the Waltz Week. Bud was unhappy to see us go so close to his bedtime, but he apparently went to sleep without too much fuss after we left.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Peets Peese

Bud woke a couple of times during the night, and recently has been refusing to fall asleep quickly without someone in the room with him. Since we've been busy with dance week, we've been humoring him since it's better if at least one of us can get some sleep. After we get back to a normal schedule, we're going to let him learn to fall asleep on his own again.

In any case, I got up with him at about 3:00 and again at about 5:00. Bud got up for good at about 7:15, and we did our usual morning routine. At about 8:30 M-lady got up, and I took a brief nap before getting ready to head off to teach class again.

When Nanny J arrived, we all headed off to Stanford again. Bud was apparently a little more restless during our class this morning, as he wanted to participate more. He got to run around and dance a little bit after the class was over, though. We took a brief stroll aroung campus, and then headed for home. Bud fell asleep for his nap pretty quickly.

In the afternoon, Nanny J reported that Bud ate lots, slept lots, and didn't poop much. He had a pretty good poop before bed, though, so that worked out OK. He again ate a lot of corn on the cob in the evening, as well as a lot of pizza and watermelon ("Pizza Please!"). I was frankly amazed with how much he ate for dinner. He's been eating as much as M-lady does.

After dinner, M-lady took a bit of a nap and Bud and I got to hang out for a while. He's getting much better at crawling up onto furniture, including couches, chairs, the outside of his playpen, and people who sit still for too long. We're still trying to keep him off the coffee table, but it takes constant watching.

Pingu showed up on TV again tonight, and it kicked off a very straightforward bedtime routine. He still wanted someone to stay with him until he fell asleep again, but after he was settled M-lady left the room and he cried for a few minutes. Not for too long, though.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dance Classes

Bud woke around 6:30 this morning, which was much better than his 5:00am wakeups of the past few mornings. M-lady got up with him, and handed him off to me around 8ish.

Bud and I watched a wee bit of the Tour stage, and a Bob the Builder. Then we read some stories, and played in his room, and wrestled. He was in a good mood. He had some waffle, watermelon, and juice for breakfast, and Nanny J showed up shortly after.

We all piled into the car (including Bud and Nanny J), and headed off to Stanford. Bud was introduced all around, and widely admired. He and Nanny J wandered around a little bit, and watched us teach our Charleston class for a little bit. After class, Nanny J reported that Bud went up to the fountain in the courtyard which he has enjoyed so much in the past, saw it was turned off and empty, and said 'mei yo'.

We wandered over to Tressider and got Jamba Juices for everyone, and sat and sipped them for a while with a couple of other friends. Bud really enjoyed his juice, as usual. After that we headed home to drop off Nanny J and Bud, who fell asleep in the car on the way.

When we came home after our 2nd and 3rd class at about 6:00, Bud was in a pretty good mood. He had some watermelon and graham crackers at dinner (although he had just eaten with the Nanny as well), and we bundled him up for a late night out.

We took Bud back to Stanford with us to go to an informal evening dance event. Bud was really well behaved, and again widely admired. He was a bit glazed over for much of the evening, and we kept him out way past his bedtime, but he seemed to enjoy the music and watching the dancers. He also particularly enjoyed watching the bar graph lights on the equalizer of the dance studio sound system.

On the way home, Bud fell asleep within about 3 minutes of getting into the car. The transfer to the crib was smooth, and hopefully being up late tonight won't disturb his schedule too much.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Bud again woke a bit early this morning and cried, and I spent from about 5:15 to about 7:00 with him in his room. He slept for some of that, and I slept some as well. After that we got up, had some milk, and watched a few minutes of the Tour.

After that I put on a Bob the Builder for him, and M-lady came out to watch him while I snoozed for a little bit. Nanny J arrived a little early to take him off to a gymkids class, and M-lady and I got ready and left to teach dance again.

We came home briefly in the late afternoon, and Bud got really wound up. M-lady and I only had a little while before we had to leave again for our evening performance, so Nanny J stayed and helped out rather than leaving for dinner and coming back again when we left. It was really nice of her to stay, and made getting ready for the show much easier.

For a while, M-lady and I sat in the playroom with Bud and Nanny J. Bud was flinging himself at one person after another, crawling over then, occasionally biting a little bit, and generally exuding excess toddler energy. I was wearing a t-shirt with slightly raised rubber lettering, and he kept trying to bite the letters off the shirt. I had a good time fielding him for a while, but he wore me out pretty quickly.

M-lady and I were out late, so didn't get to see much of Bud for the rest of the day, unfortunately. He woke briefly when we came home, but fell asleep again. With any luck he'll sleep until at least 7:00am tomorrow.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Bud woke at 5:00 again this morning, and M-lady took a quick shift before I went to hang out with him sometime around 5:30. At 5:45 or so it was apparent that he was up for good, so we made our way out and had some milk.

We played for a while, although he seemed mostly interested in crawling over me, and I was mostly interested in lying prone. We read a couple of books, and generally had a pleasant morning. M-lady took over at about 7:00, and I grabbed another 90 minutes or so of sleep.

Bud and I had some breakfast after that, including most of a waffle, juice, and some strawberries. I was also working on the music for a dance performance tomorrow night, and Bud was really excited by some of the swing music. So after I was done with the stereo I put on Zoot Suit Riot by Cherry Poppin' Daddies, and Bud had a blast. He would stand up, stomp in a circle, wave his arms, and bounce up and down all with a big grin on his face. He'd occasionally clap along with the music as well. All in all, a much stronger reaction to the swing music than to the kids CDs we've been playing for him in the past.

Nanny J arrived soon afterwards and M-lady and I made our way to Stanford to teach our classes. We got home at about 5:00pm, and heard a report that Bud had had a pretty good day.

We put together some dinner at around 6:00, and Bud ate a healthy portion of broccoli and bell peppers. He chewed on some stir-fried beef, but it was a little tough for him (no molars yet). After dinner, M-lady watched Bud after that while I napped again for a little while. I got up just in time to help with the bedtime routine, which went pretty smoothly. I stayed with him in his room while he was falling asleep, which only took a few minutes.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Long Overdue Nap

Bud woke at about 4:30 this morning, and I stayed with him in his room until he fell asleep again at about 5:15. He woke for good a little after 6:00, and M-lady took care of him for a bit before I got up at around 6:45 to keep an eye on him.

He was pretty fussy from the get-go, although nothing really seemed to be wrong with him. He had a little milk, and we read stories and played a bit, but he was generally upset and hard to distract. M-lady watched him for a while after about 8:30, and then we fed him a snack and M-lady took him to run an errand at the mall while I did some chores around the house.

We had a quick video call with one set of grandparents, which Bud enjoyed quite a bit. He sang songs, pointed out facial features, showed his counting and alphabet skills, and the grandparents read some books to him. They're working on pattycake, but I'm not sure if he's getting it yet. They'll be visiting next weekend, and I'm really glad Bud has had the opportunity to see them on video regularly.

In the afternoon, Bud did not take a nap. I put him in his crib at about 2:00, and sat with him for a while, and he just played and chatted to himself until about 2:30 when I took him out. He was in a better mood, and Aunt O and Uncle C stopped by for a quick visit in the later afternoon.

Bud finally fell asleep at about 5:00, but it was really too late to get a full nap in. I woke him at 6:00 so he would go to bed at a reasonable hour, especially given that he stayed awake until 9:00 the previous night.

At dinner time, Bud ate a huge quantity of a cassarole which Aunt O and Uncle C had brought over... it's a winner! He ate almost as much as M-lady did. M-lady and I had to go back to Stanford for an evening event to kick off the Stanford Dance Week, and Nanny J came over to watch Bud and put him to bed. Apparently he was very well behaved for her, and had no problems going to sleep.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Dancing and Corn-on-the-Cob

Sorry this post got up a little late. In any case, Bud was great today. M-lady and I were teaching a class at the Stanford Waltz Weekend, and we took Bud along. Nanny K met us there and watched Bud for us while we taught the class.

In the morning, Bud woke and cried at about 5:00am. M-lady went and managed to rock him back to sleep, although it took about a half-hour. He went back to sleep for a while, and I got up with him at about 7:00.

We packed up and headed for the Stanford dance studio at about 10:30, and Bud fell asleep on the way there. He woke when we arrived, after snoozing for about 15 minutes, so he was a bit groggy as we entered the studio. That, combined with his tendency towards shyness, kept him pretty quiet as lots of people came to admire him and say hi. He took all the admiration with good grace, if not smiles.

Nanny K was there to watch Bud, and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy spending time with her while we taught our class. She managed to get a couple of photos of him while they played around the Stanford Campus.

I had a rehearsal to attend after we taught class, and Nanny K met us with Bud and we all went together. Bud really seemed to enjoy watching the swing dance pieces which were being worked on. He was great the whole time.

He fell asleep on the way home, and had a solid nap. The evening went smoothly, and Aunt O and Uncle C visted and brought dinner with them. Bud got his first corn on the cob! At first I handed him a cob, and he tried to gnaw on the end. I showed him how to take a bite, and held the cob for him for his first bite, and then he was off and running. I had to rotate the cob for him after a while (he was sort of gnawing the same spot), but he did a remarkably good job on it, and it entertained him for a good 10 minutes or more.

The bedtime routine was fine, but when we put him down he apparently didn't want to be alone. We let him cry for a while, and he finally drifted off to sleep a bit after 9:00pm.

Friday, July 14, 2006

No Fever

Bud made it through today with good energy all day. No fever, no Motrin. Yay! He's getting healthier. Unfortunately, it looks like M-lady caught the bug. Hopefully she won't actually get croup.

Bud slept in until about 8:00 today. Either he needed the sleep, or the new blackout curtain works really well, or maybe a combination of both. In any case, he ended up taking his nap a little bit late, as well. I played with him until the nanny arrived at 9:00, and we had a good time reading books and watching the stage wrap up of the TdF.

He seemed to have a reasonably good day, and was happy around lunchtime when I saw him before I left for the office. Apparently he didn't fall asleep for his nap until around 2:30, even though Nanny J put him down in his crib much earlier. He was lying there talking to himself for quite some time.

In the evening, we got a quick video chat in with one set of grandparents. Bud showed off his singing and signing, going through several tunes, including his new favorite, the alphabet song. I'd say he's getting about 40% of the letters right now, but he's singing along with enthusiasm for the letters he remembers.

He didn't want to sit still for dinner, so didn't really eat much in the evening. He had his usual bedtime milk, though. I managed to get the other blackout blind up in his room, and he was very intent on helping me as much as he could. He was also very interested in the stepstool I was using to reach the top of the window, and enjoyed climbing onto it with me while I wasn't looking. M-lady did a good job keeping his hands off the power tools.

We watched a little bit of Finding Nemo before bed, and he seemed to be content to go into his crib. He screamed, however, when we left the room. I sat with him for about 20 minutes, and he was fine, lying down and closing his eyes every now and then. But if I left, he'd stand up in the corner of his crib and cry. I think he got used to going to sleep with someone in the room while he was sick. He didn't fall asleep until about 9:30, so I expect he'll sleep in a bit tomorrow, especially with the new blackout blinds.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Not Quite Recovered Yet

Bud is definitely on the mend, but he's still suffering from low-grade fever, decreased appetite, and a bit of a cough. I got up with him this morning at about 7:20, and we had a pretty good time. He had a little bit of milk, but had a small barf after a coughing fit and I had to change him out of his PJs (he missed me!). He had a lot of juice today, tho.

We played together until about 10:00, when M-lady came back from a meeting and kept an eye on Bud. Until she arrived we watched some of the Tour de France stage, which was a critical one. Then we played and wrestled and read books.

In the afternoon, Bud was sounding a bit grumpy, so we gave him a dose of Motrin at about 5:00pm. He perked up a bit by 5:30, but wasn't very tolerant of me being out of his sight. He was perfectly happy sitting on Nanny J's lap watching the Animusic DVD as long as I was in the room... but if I walked out (as I did to check email, change clothes, etc.), he protested mightily.

His custom ordered blackout-blinds arrived today, and I managed to get one of them installed while M-lady kept Bud from chewing on the screwdrivers and playing with the mounting brackets. He really liked the drill, though, and was fascinated when I used it to make pilot holes and sink the screws. The blinds look great, and hopefully will help him sleep more. I'll get the other one up tomorrow.

He was really tired when bedtime rolled around, but had a little trouble falling asleep. When he's not going to sleep immediately and crying, I'll go in and lay him down and rub his tummy while he falls asleep. It took a bit longer tonight than usual... not sure exactly why.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lying Low

Bud is still recovering, but we had a pretty rambunctious evening and he's developing new tricks even though he's not all well.

I heard him get up and start playing a bit at around 6:45. He turned his music on and off, and it sounded like he was bouncing on his bed a little. However, with the hope that he'd go back to sleep for a while, I decided to let him be for a few minutes. I didn't hear from him again until about 7:45, so I assume he either fell asleep for a while, or was really content just hanging out in his crib.

In any case, when I went and got him he was running a bit of a fever, so I gave him some Motrin with his morning milk. He only had about 5 ounces of milk, and as we headed back to his room to mark it down, he barfed it up all over me. So after we cleaned up with M-lady's help, we tried some apple juice, with another dose of Motrin after a little while. He kept that down OK.

He seemed pretty quiet during the day today, but didn't seem to be running a fever high enough to warrant another dose of Motrin. He did show a new word and concept today: mei yo (2nd and 4th tones), translated literally as "don't have" but more generally as "there isn't any" or "I don't have it/any". He delivered this new phrase to me with a little shrug and turned up hands. So cute!

He took two naps again today, another sign that he's still recovering. He woke from his second nap at about 5:20, and even though his temperature didn't seem very high I gave him a dose of Motrin after he'd been up for about 20 minutes since he was sort of clingy and listless. By 6:00 he was happy and running around with abandon, trying to crawl up onto the living room coffee table. He's perfectly capable of getting onto the table now, we're just trying to discourage it enough that he won't do it.

He ate something like an egg and a half, scrambled, along with about 4 ounces of milk for dinner, and we had some ice cream afterwards. After that it was a little more playtime, and then we watched a Bob the Builder episode in lieu of Pingu to kick off the bedtime routine, which went very smoothly.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Feeling a Little Better, Thank You

Bud coughed a few times during the night, and woke himself up once at about 5:00am, but M-lady managed to rock him back to sleep. After that he slept until 7:30.

He was ok in the morning, and we read a bit and had milk before Nanny J showed up. He was still a bit under the weather, tho, and not really interested in playing so much as sitting and reading.

He was a bit grumpy for much of the day, but didn't have any croup incidents. He still has a bit of a cough, and ran a low-grade fever for some of the evening, but we think he's getting better.

Yesterday, in an effort to entertain Bud in the evening, I sat him down in front of my computer and showed him a graphics card demo which was a real-time rendering of a computer-animated music video called 'Pipe Dreams'. It's part of a collection called 'Animusic', very fun stuff. Bud was entranced, and asked to see it again and again. Since it was such a hit, I went out and picked up the Animusic DVD today, as well as Animusic 2. We watched a few more of the animations in the evening.

In sad news, PBS Sprout has modified their programming slightly, and Pingu is no longer showing at 7:45. I guess I'll have to start recording Pingu at other times so we can keep our evening ritual together.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Hanging in There

Bud is doing OK. He woke again at about 6:00am, coughing and having some trouble breathing. I dressed and took him for a walk up and down the street, where we looked at birds and some dogs out for their morning walk. After about 15 minutes, he was breathing easier.

Unfortunately, he wasn't really interested in going back to sleep at that point, so we stayed up and watched some TV, and then played a little bit. We were both getting a little sleepy around the time the nanny arrived at 9:00.

Bud took a nap in the slightly later morning, but woke up coughing again. M-lady and Nanny J took Bud into the doctor's office, and Bud's pediatrician gave him another dose of dexamethesone, as well as a prescription for an oral version in case we needed to give him another dose. Bud seemed pretty content and happy in the afternoon.

Based on reports from M-lady and Nanny J, Bud also apparently counted to 5 this afternoon. In English, I believe, but I may be mistaken. Nanny J said '1', Bud said '2', so Nanny J said '3', Bud replied '4', and Nanny J finished up with '5'. Then they switched roles. I don't know how much of it is parroting, and how much is recognition of the characters, and how much is understanding of the pattern, and I'm pretty sure he doesn't really have a grasp of the quantity difference implied by each number, but it's still really cool.

He went down for another nap at about 4:30, and woke from that one at about 6:30 coughing a bit, but not having too much trouble breathing. M-lady took off for an evening class, and Bud and I hung out for a bit. He nibbled a little here and there for dinner, and went down for bed with a bit of fussing at about 8:30. I was a little concerned that he wouldn't be able to fall asleep having napped so late in the afternoon, but I guess he was missing his sleep from last night, too. We also set up a humidifier in his room tonight, so with any luck he'll sleep soundly.

A Little More Sick

Bud's fine, but we had our first ER visit with him tonight. Bud woke with an ugly barking cough at about 11:15pm, and was having a lot of trouble breathing. We tried steaming him a bit in the bathroom, but it didn't seem to help much. He also had a couple of good barfs (on me, of course... wow, didn't realized he'd eaten that many raisins at dinner...), so I just climbed into the shower with him while M-lady placed a call to the 24-hour on-call nurse. Since his breathing was so labored, we decided to take him into the ER on the advice of the nurse.

The El Camino Hospital Emergency Room staff was quick and efficient, and took care of Bud's croup, for croup it was, pretty quickly. He was given dexamethasone, first orally, which he vomitted up (on me again), and then via injection. Then nebulized racemic epinephrine, which he didn't like one bit, but really got him breathing more easily very quickly. For the epinephrine treatment, a nurse held the output of the nebulizer up to Bud's mouth, where he inhaled the mist between screams. Totally non-invasive, but Bud wasn't really happy about it, I guess.

In any case, about 30 minutes after the treatment, Bud's breathing was much easier and we were discharged. We made it home by about 1:00am, and put Bud back to bed shortly thereafter. With any luck he'll sleep the rest of the night without incident. Hopefully we won't have to head back tomorrow night, but the doc seemed to imply it wouldn't be surprising if it came up again.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sick but Good

Bud, unfortunately, seems to have caught my cold. He's got a little bit of a cough, and in the afternoon was running a low-grade fever. That being said, he was really good today, particularly at the late afternoon event we attended.

Bud slept a little late this morning, until about 8:00, when M-lady got up with him. When I got up to join them a little before 9:00, M-lady informed me that Bud had a little bit of a cough, and seemed to have picked up my cold. Sorry, Bud.

In any case, Bud was in pretty good spirits, although he wasn't eating much. We made a quick trip to Fry's, and then headed over to the park for a while. After that, we came home and watched the 2nd half of the World Cup finals.

Bud went down for his nap without issue, and M-lady watched him for a bit after he woke up. Then we all got ready to go to a wedding!

The wedding was beautiful, and Bud was so well behaved. Many of the guests around us commented on that fact. M-lady wrote a little more about the wedding here, but basically we were both really proud of Bud and how good he was all evening (even if he was a bit clingy now and then). Bud's favorite part of the evening, pictured here, was the tiny little sorbet cones used as palatte cleansers after the salad course. Just his size! We decided to leave the wedding right around Bud's bedtime.

We got home, and put the little kiddo to bed. He went without fuss, and was soon fast asleep.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Looking for a Book

Bud got up around 7:00 this morning, and both M-lady and I went to get him. I was interested in staying up and watching the end of the TdF stage, so kept an eye on Bud and took care of him until about 9:00, when I handed him over to M-lady, who had gone back to bed.

Bud and M-lady played for a little while, and then I took him again at about 11:00. We played, and Bud decided to take all the books out of his book bin, making quite a mess in the playroom. I did my best to contain it, but every time I tried to stack the books up he would tear into them, tossing them about the room seemingly at random. Then he would pick one up and have me read it to him. After about 2 pages, he'd shut the book, toss it aside, and go digging for another one. I'm not sure we ever found the right book, but he did indeed act as our own little agent of entropy.

After his afternoon nap, we went out as a family to Toys 'R Us and Target looking for a little plastic pail and shovel that he can use at the sand areas at the nearby parks. Toys 'R Us was out of them. Target didn't have them, either. M-lady hit paydirt on a later outing at Rite-Aid. We did find a little trike-thing that Bud can ride at Toys 'R Us (photo coming soon), and we had a good time with that in the evening after I got it put together.

Bud was a little fussy in the evening, and didn't seem to enjoy the hamburgers quite as much as the last time we had them, but overall he ate a decent meal. We watched Pingu and had a very comfortable bedtime routine tonight, and he seemed pretty tired by the time we put him in his crib.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Calling for a Call

I'll preface this post by letting you know that I've got an ugly cold, and spent most of the day resting. M-lady stepped up and did a fantastic job taking care of Bud today. She got up with him in the morning, and they watched the last 2k of Stage 6, and another McEwen win, while I slept in a bit.

M-lady reported today that Bud looked at the picture of his grandparents on the fridge today, and made the telephone sign, and then pointed and signed again several times. We're not sure if he was telling M-lady that he associates the grandparents with the phone, or that he wanted to call the grandparents, or that he had answered the phone earlier and was telling M-lady that she needed to call her parents back. Oh well.

We had a pretty mellow evening together (while I was upright). We watched the video of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom which arrived in the mail today, and Bud seemed to enjoy that quite a bit. Dinner went well, if a bit later than usual, and Bud enjoyed watching Pingu before bed. However, after Pingu, I think he was angling for some ice cream, and was extremely disappointed with the proffered milk. He threw a little fit, fueled by fatigue, and didn't really let up until we popped his nighttime pacifier in his mouth. He seemed to fall asleep pretty quickly when we put him in his crib.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Little Biter

Bud and I got up around 7:00 this morning. We hung out, watched Oscar Freire take a nice, reasonably well organized sprint finish in the TdF stage, and then played and watched a Bob the Builder. For a snack we had an apple and some grapes at mid-morning. M-lady came home from a meeting to take Bud to Mommy group, which was reportedly pretty mellow, and I saw Bud again in the evening.

We got a couple of video calls in after dinner, to two different sets of grandparents. Bud enjoyed showing off singing and signing skills to his grandparents, and they enjoyed seeing him. After the calls, we caught Pingu and headed for bed.

Recently Bud has started chomping on things a bit. It's clearly not malicious, or even particularly premeditated. But he's got enough teeth and strength now to make his bites painful if he gets a finger or other body part. I usually carry him with my left arm, and he's chomped on my left shoulder a bit. We try to discourage the biting by sternly disapproving, but he doesn't seem to be particularly remorseful. We may have to find another way to let him know that what he's doing isn't acceptable.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Back to the Routine

I managed to catch a little bit of a cold, so M-lady watched Bud this morning while I slept in. He had a pretty good day, eating a lot of grapes and getting out to a local park with Nanny J. He apparently also ate a banana at the park, which is something he won't do at home. Go figure.

I left for a doctor's appointment in the late morning (my annual physical), and Bud helped me get my shoes tied. After I got all my stuff together, I waved goodbye and said 'Bye-bye' to him. Rather than waving goodbye to me, he immediately turned to Nanny J and waved and said 'Bye-bye'. We both chuckled, and after I explained that he was staying, he waved goodbye to me as I left.

In the evening, M-lady and I took Bud for a walk to a local playground after dinner. He had a great time running around, playing on the equipment. He got to go down the slide a few times with M-lady, which he loved, and chased us both around for a bit. He also enjoyed picking up pieces of trash lying around the park. We washed our hands before we left, and got home in time to have a little bit of ice cream and watch Pingu to kick off the bedtime routine.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Now That's a Park

Bud and I watched the finish of stage 3 this morning, and saw Valverde's tragic fall and Kessler's beautifully timed break away to take the stage win.

Bud and M-lady and I headed off to meet M + L and their daughter A at a park about halfway between us: Coyote Point Recreational Area. I used to frequent the place years ago when I was doing some windsurfing, but rumor had it that there was a new children's play area.

After making contact via cell phone, we met M and L and A in one of the many parking lots around the area. Since we weren't sure where the new play area was, we decided to walk around a bit. The new play area immediately presented itself. Wow.

We managed to get in and snag a park bench as a base of operations, and get the kids slathered with sunscreen before they wandered too far away. The parents took turns keeping an eye on the little ones and chatting. Bud was first interested in the woodchips on the ground, but soon wanted to go on the swings. A is about nine months older than Bud, and was a bit more adventurous.

I took Bud down some of the slides, and he seemed to enjoy riding in my lap. We tried one later by himself, but he can't quite keep his feet up yet, and didn't really like going alone. In any case, the park presented no less than 8 banks of slides, for a total of 11 slides including a really, really big one. I did almost all of them with Bud, and he liked them all save for the big one.

He also enjoyed the swings, and playing on the woodchips, and the rubberized surface, and the big dragon sculptures. When he gets older he'll like even more stuff there. It's worth the $5 entrance fee for the recreational area, and there's all the other stuff there as well: some huge fields, a beach on the bay, and lots of airplanes to watch flying overhead on approach to SFO.

Needless to say, Bud was tuckered after playing for a while and fell asleep quickly on the way home. He had about a 2 hour nap, and then M-lady and I took turns playing with him and getting some work done. Bud was a bit screechy in the afternoon, but not terribly so.

In the evening, I fired up our outdoor grill for the first time in a while and made some hamburgers. It seemed appropriate for the 4th. It was a little tougher than the last time I grilled, as Bud was certain I was abandoning him forever each time I stepped out to check the grill. He finally calmed down when I came in with the goods.

Bud had a sizable chunk of burger, but he insisted on having a bite of burger, and then a bite of bun, and then a bite of burger, etc. Just like the hot dogs yesterday. In any case, he seemed to enjoy the burger more with a little bit of ketchup, and washed it all down with some smoothy that M-lady made in the afternoon.

Later in the evening we had the opportunity to have a video call with one set of grandparents, and Bud showed off his new songs as we did 'Wheels on the Bus' and 'If You're Happy and You Know It'. The grandparents were suitably impressed by his singing, signing, and rhythm. Then they kicked off a verse of 'The Itsy-Bitsy Spider', which Bud also enjoyed thoroughly.

The evening was finished up with Pingu and the standard routine, and Bud said 'Night-night' to us for the first time as we put him in his crib. He's so cute.

Monday, July 03, 2006

A Little More Happy Hollow

Bud slept in this morning until about 7:30. He seems to be wanting a bit more sleep recently; perhaps he's growing a bit. In any case, M-lady got up to spend the morning with him, and they got to watch Robbie McEwen win the group sprint at the end of Stage 2 of the Tour de France. I joined them at about 8:45, and we all got ready to go and trooped out to visit Happy Hollow again.

We visited the little zoo, and all the exhibits we had seen before. Bud really enjoyed looking at the lemurs and the wallabies. He also seemed more interested in the goats in the petting corral this time, so we gave it a try. He did very well, approaching the goats carefully and petting them gently. He didn't start when they approached him, either.

After the petting enclosure, we saw a tortise, guinea pigs, parrots, a pot-bellied pig, more lemurs, ducks, and a montjac. Bud enjoyed walking around a bit, and we made our way to the amusement-themed side of the park. This time, we decided to have M-lady take Bud on the carousel before we ate lunch, and they had a good time. Bud seemed to enjoy it, although I'm not sure he really had a grasp of what was going on. M-lady, who does have a moderate propensity towards motion-sickness, survived, but deemed riding before lunch a very good idea.

Lunch was hot dogs, french fries, and lemonade. Bud enjoyed it all, taking big bites of hotdog and munching on the fries. In fact, he had a pretty steady rhythm going: a french fry, a bite of hot dog, a sip of lemonade, repeat. We made our way over to a puppet show which started shortly after we finished lunch, and Bud seemed pretty rapt. After that it was time to head for home, and Bud fell asleep quickly in the car.

The transfer to the crib went well (I'm getting better at this!), and Bud slept for two and a half hours. As I said before, he really seems to be needing a bit more sleep recently. In any case, M-lady went shopping in the afternoon, so it was Bud and I on our own when he got up.

Our afternoon was pretty mellow. He ate a whole bunch of grapes for a snack, and then we played and danced and sang and read books. When dinner time rolled around, I tried the ravioli again. He had two of them, which isn't insignificant, but then decided that was enough. Some grapes, some toast, some cheese, and a little of daddy's dinner all rounded out the meal. Mommy arrived home as we were cleaning up.

Since Bud had been slathered in sunscreen, grapes, and ravioli, we decided a shower was probably called for. We had a good time in the shower, although the bubbles didn't really work very well today. I have a suspicion humidity plays a factor in the longevity of the bubbles. This may call for some controlled experiments. Bud also has a tendency to pee right after getting out of the shower. I usually hand him out to M-lady, so I get to hear a sort of play-by-play while I clean up in the shower. Not sure how to handle this, as we can't really put his diaper back on until he's dried off...

Bedtime went smoothly. We've started watching some of Finding Nemo. When Bruce the Shark showed up, Bud took a look at him and said, "Teeth!"

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Wind Through the Hair

Bud woke a little early this morning at about 6:45. I got up and hung out with him for a while. He had his morning milk, and we watched the finish of the first stage of the Tour de France together. Bud really likes bicycles, and enjoyed the prologue. I think the group finish was a little frantic for him, though. It's hard to see the indiviual bicycles in the group sprint for the line.

We shared a waffle and some juice a little later, and greeted M-lady as she got up and got ready for her ballet class. After M-lady left, we hung out a bit more, and watched some Bob the Builder. At about 10:00, Bud ate an entire apple and added some cheerios for good measure. I figured it was a good time for an outing, so we packed up and went.

I have a tendency to not know for sure where we're heading when I go out the door, and as I pulled out of the driveway I decided to take Bud to Home Depot. M-lady and I have been meaning to order some blackout curtains for his room. I knew Bud wasn't going to sit for the time it would take to order the curtains, but I wanted to do a reconnaissance and see if I could get a brochure with some swatches in it or something. So carrying Bud, I hustled into and out of Home Depot.

After that errand, I decided to take Bud to a park. On the way, I looked back and Bud had passed out. It was far too early for his nap, so I poked him awake at a stop light and opened all the windows in the car. He wasn't happy about being woken up, but he really enjoyed the wind. I think it was the first time we've driven with the windows rolled down. When I got a chance to look back, he was giggling and swinging his head back and forth, with his hair blowing everywhere.

We had a great time at the park, playing on the swings, in the sand, and on several structures. We had to take a break about halfway through, as the sun came out in force and I needed to apply sunscreen to Bud. He didn't mind much once I gave him a stick to play with while I smeared the goo on him.

I expected Bud to fall asleep on the way home, but he didn't. He had a pretty significant lunch, and then passed out for a two and a half hour nap. I managed to get some lunch and a nap as well, and M-lady returned from ballet and some errands.

Bud woke up in a reasonable mood, and after a quick snack I took off to place the order for the curtains from Home Depot. When I returned, we packed up and headed out for a quick shopping trip. Bud generally had a good time, as we let him walk on his own a bit. We did have to keep a very close eye on him, though, to prevent him from pulling all the CDs from a display or all the underwear from the racks.

Home again, and dinner went well. Bud had healthy portions of fish, rice, and ravioli. Bedtime rolled up pretty quickly, and Bud went through the routine without fuss.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Pleasant Morning, A Pleasant Afternoon

Bud slept in a little bit again this morning, getting up a bit after 7:15. I got up to get him out of bed, and hung out with him for a few minutes before taking off for track cycling for the morning. Last week, when I tried to leave, he screamed as I was trying to get out the door. This week, we set him up with a Bob the Builder episode, and he didn't seem to notice that I left.

I returned when Bud had gone down for his nap, and he slept for a good two hours or so (which let M-lady and I nap a little as well). He was a little groggy when he got up, but after some juice we played for a bit and had a good time.

We all took a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up some items to get us through dinner, and the weekend in general. Bud was really good, letting us put him in the cart, and not fussing too much about trying to reach things in the store. The store was pretty crowded, so I pushed the cart while M-lady went solo to pick up some of the items. Bud was definitely very interested in keeping tabs on M-lady, and said 'Ma-ma' over and over in a tone that indicated that he wanted me to find her. He was never very worried or upset, but clearly wanting to know where Ma-ma was.

After groceries, we came home and Nanny K came over for dinner. Bud went ballistic with Nanny K, running around, screaming and giggling. I'm not sure I've ever seen Bud so wound up. Both he and Nanny K had a great time, wrestling and running around and spinning and falling over. They talked alphabet, and looked at some books, and played games, and really had such a good time.

We had a dinner of asparagus, broccoli, and white fish. Bud showed some interest in the broccoli, but proceeded to chew up and then spit out most of it. He ate a little bit of toast, ignored the tofu, and went to town on the strawberries. Oh well. He didn't get a lot of protein, but we'll push that tomorrow a little bit more.

After dinner, we played some more, and some other friends arrived for the beginning of a movie night. Bud was a little wary of the newcomers, but warmed up to them before getting ready for bed. He was pretty tired by bedtime, and went without any fussing, after saying goodnight to the guests.