Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Highly Modified Schedule

Bud started making noise this morning at 5:45am, which is a little early for him. Since they seemed to be whimpers and cries rather than his usual playing sounds, I went to check on him. He was standing in his crib, pointing to his pacifier which had fallen on the floor. I should have given him his pats and walked out again, but I picked him up, changed his diaper, and took him out for breakfast.

By the time the nanny arrived, Bud was really tired, and went down for his first nap of the day. He and the nanny went out later in the morning, and I left for lunch before they returned. Unfortunately, I forgot and locked the door which the nanny uses to get back into the house, locking them out. I got a call a little later letting me know, and hustled home to let them in. Bud had his lunch delayed a bit, and was really hungry, but otherwise was in a pretty good mood.

I immediately went out to get the appropriate key made.

Bud took his second nap pretty late in the day; I think he slept from about 3:00 to 4:30ish or so. In the evening, he was really tired, but after dinner we all hung out as a family and read books and played and wrestled and generally had a good time. He was very ready for bedtime when 7:45 rolled around, though.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Figuring Things Out

Bud woke pretty early this morning, and we let him entertain himself in his crib for a while before M-lady went to get him at about 6:30. Bud seemed to have a pretty chipper morning, and enjoyed watching the cleaning crew that arrived this morning.

Nanny J reported that Bud fell asleep immediately after coming home from the library around noon, probably because he woke so early. But since he didn't really have lunch before his nap, Nanny J had to shovel several meals into him in the afternoon. She agreed taht the blackout curtains were a good idea, and suggested we supplement them.

Bud was in a good mood in the evening, although he was pretty tired after about 5:00pm. We had grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner, which Bud shared with us. I hung out with him for a while, then took off for about a half hour to go for a run. When I returned, there was a big pile of books on the floor which M-lady had read to him while I was out. It was pretty cute.

I cracked a bottle of gatorade, and Bud took a very close interest. He was clearly trying to figure out how I managed to get the screw top open. I was attaching it firmly enough that he wouldn't be able to open it when I handed it to him, but he would try, making approxiamations of my motions, and then hand it back to me and watch carefully while I opened it again. I think he grasped generally how the screwtop worked, it was just too firmly affixed for him to budge. It was really neat to watch his gears turning as he tried to puzzle out how to get the bottle open.

We managed to keep him awake until about 8:00, when he fell asleep rather quickly. M-lady put some more dark felt up in his room to augment the blackout curtains, so maybe he'll sleep in a little later tomorrow.

Monday, May 29, 2006

A Very Mellow Day

Bud woke this morning at 7:00, which seems to be the norm with the temporary blackout curtains. I rolled out of bed to do our morning routine.

We drank some milk, ate some muffins, played with toys and puzzles, read some books, and watched a little Bob the Builder. Bud seems to like that show quite a bit, and we take it in small doses. I handed Bud back to M-lady at about 9:00, napped for a little while, and then took Bud again at about 11:00 while M-lady slept a little more.

I put Bud down for his nap at about 1:00, and managed to get out to Home Depot to pick up some parts to install a new wall-mounted shelf in Bud's room. This is yet another baby-proofing ploy... we'll put things that he shouldn't be getting to up onto the shelf in the hope that he doesn't stack things up to climb up to the shelf.

In the afternoon we headed over to Aunt O + Uncle C's place, and Bud had a good time trying to get at the TV power button (the one with the glowing LED... pretty!) and pulling CDs and DVDs off the shelves. I hope they were interested in re-sorting their media. They fed us a fabulous dinner, which was much appreciated, although it took a lot of effort to keep Bud corralled. On the upside, Bud seemed to generally have a good time: I don't think there were any breakdowns.

M-lady managed to keep Bud awake on the ride home by singing showtunes with him, and Bud gamely clapped his hands and kicked his legs in time with the music, even as his head started nodding. She did manage to keep him from slipping entirely asleep, though, which was good.

When we got home, I took Bud for a walk aruond the neighborhood. He looked at the airplanes overhead, and the dogs we passed, and all the neighbors plants. At several points the concrete of the sidewalk was extremely interesting to him: he reached down and brushed the ground with his hand. Learning all the time.

At about 7:30 Bud called for milk, and we started the bedtime ritual. He went to sleep pretty quickly after being set in his crib a little before 8:00.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A New Zoo

This morning we decided to go out as a family to the San Jose Happy Hollow Zoo and Park. It's a small zoo, fairly nearby, and fairly popular in reviews we've heard. We decided to get there right as they open since they seem to have a tendency to be very crowded.

We arrived at about 10:15, a little bit after the park opened. It was already warming up, so we slathered ourselves and Bud with sunscreen, and headed into the park. The zoo was a lot of fun. There were on the order of 20-25 exhibits, including a small petting area. The zoo did seem a little heavy on lemurs: there were three different varieties in different pens. They also had two large pens containing a number of wallabies. Other exhibits included a large land tortise, some birds and bats, pot-bellied pigs, guinea pigs and parrots, capybara, a boa constrictor, and some others. The petting pen was populated with small goats. Bud was interested, but didn't seem to need to go into the pen to pet the goats. He did enjoy looking at the goats, and started saying 'goat' as well. However, when we asked him about it later, he didn't seem to have the word anymore.

After spending some time in the zoo (and running into some friends), we headed over to the park side of the park, and took a look at the merry-go-round and other rides. We had a break for lunch, where Bud got his first taste of french fries and a hot dog. He really liked the fries, and had a few bites of the dog. He also had a whole bunch of raisins, which is the first time he's shown a preference for them. After the lunch break, we decided to do a quick run around the rest of the park to see what was there, and then head for home, as Bud was getting pretty tired. He fell asleep in his carseat before we'd navigated out of the parking lot.

Bud had a good nap, and apparently a long walk with M-lady and a visiting Aunt O in the afternoon while I was out on a bike ride. At dinner time everyone was pretty worn out after a busy day. I gave Bud a shower to wash off all the sunscreen, and we put him to bed at about 7:30.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

An Early Nap

Bud slept in until past 7:00am again this morning. Yay! I got up and we had a pretty good morning. I was a little drowsy, but Bud made up for it with his energy.

M-lady got up and headed for ballet, and Bud and I hung out for a bit and had his mid-morning snack before I loaded him into the bike trailer and we took off for a ride together. He seemed very pleased once we got going, at about 10:15am. However, about fifteen minutes into the ride, Bud passed out and napped until the ride almost finished, a good 90 or 100 minutes later.

So he was awake when we got home and had lunch (M-lady brought a Jamba Juice home for him). Boy does he like his Jamba Juice! M-lady kept an eye on him while I cleaned up and had some lunch, and then we all sat and played together for a little while. We had originally intended to head for the zoo in the afternoon, but M-lady and I were both a little tired so we decided to put it off for a day or two.

M-lady and I took turns napping, and Bud and I played and read books and snacked and generally had a good time while M-lady was napping. Bud, of course, did not nap in the afternoon. After M-lady and I roused ourselves sufficiently, we headed out to the grocery store to get some items for dinner and stock up for the week. Since all three of us went, I spent some time holding Bud's hand and walking around the store with him. There were a couple of times he was a little upset that I wouldn't let him go grab something off a shelf, but otherwise seemed to enjoy himself.

Nanny K came over for dinner, and we were later joined by another friend for a movie. Bud really had a good time with all of them. I showed them how I've started Bud on his circus training....

Bud was really tired for the last couple hours of the evening. He went to sleep a little early, no surprise since his nap came so early. I after our evening ritual, I just set him down in his crib and he waved night-night to me. So I waved back, and let him go to sleep on his own.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Another Visitor and New Shoes

M-lady and I tried putting some heavy fabric up over the windows in Bud's room last night to try to keep out the morning light a little bit more. And it worked! Or seemed to, at any rate. Bud slept in until 7:00am this morning, which is much more palatable than the 6:00-6:30 he's been rising at for the past few days. We'll have to see about putting up some more significant blackout curtains.

Bud had a good day today, and enjoyed the park with the nanny. I managed to get out at lunchtime to get some new shoes for Bud, something sport-sandal like that he could wear when he plays outside in wet conditions. I think tiny little Tevas would have been ideal. And while I found little Teva's, they were not tiny. I did, however, find some tiny Nikes. I bought them a little big for him, so he could grow into them.

I tried them on him in the evening, and he wasn't sure what to make of them. He behaved in a similar fashion to when he was first wearing shoes: took a good look at his feet, was very hesitant to stand up, and seemed a little unsure about walking. We took the sandals off after a few minutes, and I'm sure he'll get more comfortable with them shortly.

In the early evening we had visitor! My Aunt E was in San Francisco for the week for business, and managed to get down to see us this evening. Bud was a little wary of her at first, but warmed up pretty quickly, and had a good time playing with her for much of the evening. She seemed to have a pretty good time playing with him, too.

During the course of the visit, Aunt E's husband called. Uncle T was visiting with my mom, and so we set up a video call so everyone could see each other and chat. Bud had a good time, although at times he seemed almost a little overwhelmed by all the people on the screen. He had fun chatting and interacting with the grandparents, though. Aunt E was able to stay until a bit after Bud went to bed, and we all had a wonderful visit. M-lady and I look forward to seeing her and the rest of her family again soon.

Bud went to sleep quickly. It seems our required 20 minutes of rocking are over! Yay! Next week, we'll see if he's ready to try some potty training. We took the training potty out of the box this morning, and he started getting comfortable just sitting on it. M-lady and I don't really have any serious expectations, but since he can sign for a dirty diaper before he actually poops, we thought we might as well give it a try.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Crabby Morning

Bud woke a little after 6:00am this morning, and I got up and went through the standard morning routine. He had a lot of milk for breakfast, and a little bit of toast and muffin, but things sort of went downhill from there. He was generally whiny and unhappy for the next five hours or so.

I couldn't get him to eat anything, and he wasn't particularly interested in playing. I could keep him entertained for a couple of minutes at a time by reading to him, but it didn't seem to last for very long. A little after 9:00am I decided to take him out for a drive. He fell asleep fairly quickly, and woke again just as we arrived home after about half an hour of napping.

He continued his fast and general unhappiness for the next ninety minutes or so, when we went out to meet the other mommies and kids in the park. Bud was fine at the park, and ate a proffered stick of string cheese and some cheerios. He was quiet, and not particularly interested in walking very far from me or getting into the dirt like he has the past two trips to this particular park. He didn't seem to mind when it was time to go home, although he didn't fall asleep like he often does on the way home.

He took his usual nap a little later than usual, and was fairly contented in the evening, aside from being a little upset that we wouldn't let him crawl into the oven while M-lady baked some more muffins. He loved watching the muffins in the oven with the oven light on, though.

He now seems content to put himself to sleep! After our usual bedtime ritual, I rocked him for less than three minutes and set him down in his crib, saying goodnight. I didn't hear anything from him after that!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Visit and a Park Trip

Bud woke early again this morning, and M-lady took care of him while I caught up on sleep a little. Bud seems in pretty good spirits this morning, though.

At about noon, Nanny K showed up to play with Bud and have lunch. Bud was just going down for his nap at the time, so we came back after lunch and waited until he was up. He had a great time playing with Nanny K again. He pulled books out and handed them to her, and then took them back and put them back in the book bin. He crawled around on the mat pointing out different letters, and played one of his many versions of the ABC song and had us all clap along. He was really attentive as Nanny K signed the ABCs, and gestured to her to do it again on subsequent runthroughs of the song. It was really neat watching him absorb the gestures with remarkable intensity.

M-lady took Bud to the park in the evening, while I went for a bike ride. The report is the park is OK, but not as good as some of the other local parks. Bud was very interested in a fountain/frog sculpture, though, and signed repeatedly that he wanted to go take a closer look at it. M-lady decided it was a little late for Bud to be playing in the water, and managed to get him away with minimal fuss.

Nanny J has been teaching Bud to go to sleep on his own for his naps. She'll put him in his crib, and if he stands up, she'll take his pacifier from him. When he lies back down (or Nanny J lies him back down) he'll get the pacifier back. After two days of this, Bud didnt' get up when he was put down for his nap today. This evening, M-lady lay Bud down in his crib after only rocking him for a minute or two, and before he'd fallen asleep, and he went down with hardly a peep!

The Backyard

Bud woke up pretty early again today, and I played with him until about 8:45. We shared a waffle, and had some grapes, and generally had a good time reading books and playing with toys.

I saw him briefly at lunch, and he seemed to be having a good time, having just gotten back from the library. He took a pretty good nap after that, so was pretty revved up again when I saw him in the afternoon.

At about 4:00, we decided that the weather was warm enough to take the water table outside and play with it (finally)! So we got all set, and trooped out the backyard. Bud hasn't really spent any time out there, and I need to get some yardwork done. We have enough grass out there to play on, though, so we plopped Bud down and started filling the water table with the hose.

Bud, of course, noticed the hose, and was very interested in where all that water was coming from. So he played a little in the water table, but had a much better time splashing in the stream from the hose.

After getting thoroughly soaked, and playing in some of the resulting mud, Bud was whisked off and dropped into a warm bath, where he continued to have a good time. I started taking a serious look into what it's going to take to get the backyard into shape for a good run-around play area. I think I'm going to need to do some weeding, trim the lemon tree, rip out the grass that's (sort of) there, put some new sprinklers in, and lay sod. Ugh.

The evening was pretty mellow. Bud had a little bit of corn for the first time, and didn't seem too turned off by it, so we'll try it again tomorrow. We had a little battle when he again tried to crawl into the open oven as we were taking out hot food, but I'm sure he'll figure that one out eventually.

He was really tired by bedtime, and fell asleep in a few minutes.

Monday, May 22, 2006

My Hair, Your Hair

I think I spent less time with Bud today than I have in a long time. M-lady got up with Bud a little after seven, and was very productive. I did hear Bud squawk a bit when he got his diaper changed, and again a little later. M-lady woke me to hold Bud while she pulled some blueberry muffins out of the oven... Bud still has a tendency to want to get in there if the door is open. So I watched Bud for all of about 15 mintues while M-lady handled the muffins and changed clothes. M-lady also explained that the second squawk that I heard was Bud wanting to get both hands into the muffin batter, and M-lady restraining him.

Bud ate a lot of muffins today apparently, along with his usual fare. I saw him briefly at lunch as I emerged from the office, munching away.

Before Nanny J left for the day, I had to take off to go help out a friend with a filming job. M-lady took Bud to the local Target, and also went for a walk around the neighborhood while I was gone. I managed to get back at about 7:15.

Bud was in good spirits when I got back, and we all played together for a little while. For a bit Bud had this thing going where he was patting his hair, and then coming over to me and stroking my hair, and then patting his hair, and then my hair, etc. I suggested he go pat Mommy's hair, so he went and did that. It was really cool that he clearly understood my suggestion and acted on it. M-lady and I were very impressed.

A little more playtime, and then we started the bedtime cycle. Bud was giggly while I changed his diaper and dressed him in his pajamas, and fell asleep quickly for M-lady when she rocked him to sleep.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ice Cream!

Bud woke early today, at about 6:00am. He seemed content to play with his music box for a while, so I rolled out of bed at around 6:30 to get the day started.

We did our morning routine, and played and read books until M-lady emerged at about 8:30. She took a shift while I decided to go back to bed for a bit. We switched places again at about 10:30, with M-lady taking a nap and me keeping an eye on Bud. But Bud was pretty tired by this point, having gotten up so early, and so he fell asleep for an 80-minute nap at about 11:00. I worked a little on my bike, but couldn't get out for a ride as the rain started coming down at that point.

When M-lady and Bud woke from their naps, they got some lunch (Bud ate a whole apple!) and headed off to the mall so Bud could get a little exercise at the play area there. This was a modified plan, since the original plan to go to the park was deemed a bit wet. I did some shopping for a new garage door opener while they were gone, and by the time they got home it was about dinner time.

M-lady reported great success at the mall, and brought back some good photos of Bud playing as well. I cooked up some french toast for Bud and M-lady, and they shared several pieces.

Bud was in good spirits after dinner, and was showing off all his new signs. He's learning them faster than I can keep track at this point. New (to me) today were the signs for ball (throwing motion), bunny (bunny-ear fingers hopping), and bear (raking hands across chest). It's unbelievable how quickly he's learning.

A little while after dinner, I decided it was time for ice cream. Since Bud has been signing for ice cream for a few days now, I figured I could give him a taste. He would run up, lick the cone, and then run across the room giggling. Then he would run back for another lick. This went on pretty much unchanged until I finished the ice cream cone. Bud clearly enjoyed it, and a good time was had by all.

After the ice cream cone we jumped into the shower. After getting Bud nice and clean and a bit of a wrestling match to get him into his pajamas, the rest of the evening was pretty mellow. We got a video call in with one set of grandparents, but Bud didn't seem very interested in sitting still. I think he was getting a little hungry. Between 7:00 and 8:00 he drank about 13 ounces of milk.

It was a little tricky keeping him awake until 8:00, but we really didn't want him to wake up at 6:00am again tomorrow. By the time I did rock him to sleep, he passed out really quickly.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Dancers Everywhere

Bud woke around 7:00 again today, and M-lady went to keep an eye on him for a while. They apparently had a bit of a disagreement about a diaper... Bud seems to not really be interested in having his diaper changed recently.

M-lady went to ballet at about 8:30, and Bud and I hung out for a bit. We had some apple at about 9:30, and then made a quick trip to Fry's to pick up some supplies I needed for the DVDs I've been printing. Bud enjoyed the trip, although the skies were pretty overcast.

We had a good time again at home, and had a lunch of noodles and spinach before tackling the big event of the day. We took off for a BBQ picnic held as the first part of a celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Danse Libre, one of the dance groups which M-lady and I have been members of and choreographers for for a long time.

It was fun to catch up with old friends, and Bud got to meet some other young kids. There was a little girl about a month older than Bud, and a young boy who is about two and a half years old. Bud wasn't really interested in the other kids, though. He was interested in Mira, a dog which had been brought to the picnic.

Mira was interested in the food that was being handed around rather than the kids, but tolerated a petting and licked Bud's nose once. Bud really enjoyed the close encounter with the woof-woof, and continued to follow it around for quite some time.

We also took a little time out to play on the swings at the park and check out the play structure. Bud really likes the swings.

Of course, the BBQ was scheduled right across Bud's usual nap time, but he held it together really well. Must have been all the compliments he collected. In any case, he was pretty tired by the time we left, and passed out cold in the car after about 3 minutes on the road.

Bud was a little cranky after his nap, but perked up with a little bit of food and had a good afternoon. In the early evening, Nanny J arrived to take care of him while M-lady and I attended the second part of the Danse Libre reunion, a social dance and performance. We had a great time, and got to tell lots of old friends and aquaintances about how much fun we have with Bud.

Friday, May 19, 2006

A Cooler Day

Bud woke a little earlier than usual this morning, around 7:00am, and I got up to see how he was doing. His diaper had leaked, and he was pretty wet, so I suspect that's what woke him up. But up is up, so we headed off for breakfast after getting him changed and cleaned up.

We had a mellow morning together, with milk and a waffle, and some play time with a water bottle. We cleaned up and put his name on one of my old water bottles... he still loves to play with those. He'll carry them around for hours.

Bud also displayed a new sign to me this morning. We were going through one of his visual dictionaries, and he pointed out the ice cream and gave a big grin and mimed licking. I discussed this with M-lady later in the day; neither of us can figure out where he picked up this sign! We've given him ice cream before, but it's been a really long time since then: he was just starting on solid food at the time! M-lady confirmed that the nanny didn't teach him the sign. We have no idea where he learned it. If anyone reading this taught it to him, leave a comment and let us know!

Bud managed to get out to the park with Nanny J before it got a little rainy in the afternoon. With the rain on and off we were a little cooped up later, and Bud got fussy. I think he's either teething or suffering growing pains, since he seems generally uncomfortable. Hopefully whatever it is will run its course shortly.

M-lady made some eggs for Bud for 2nd dinner, and after that I kept an eye on him until bedtime. We watched a little TV, and watched a little of the outside, and read some books. Once again, he fell asleep really quickly.

I picked up some ice cream and cones at the store tonight, so tomorrow maybe Bud can have a treat!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dirt, Part II

Bud woke this morning at his usual 7:45, and M-lady was nice enough to get up and take care of him for an hour or so. I took over from there, and we had a pretty mellow morning, although Bud was a bit fussier than usual.

It's possible that he wasn't feeling all well, or was just having an off day. But where I can usually leave him for a few seconds to get myself something to eat, or clean up after a meal, or whatever, today if my attention drifted from him he started a keening wail. It made for a less happy morning than usual, but certainly not terrible. When Bud was distracted and actively engaged in something, he was fine.

After an early lunch of noodles an spinach, we headed out for mommy group at the park. At first, Bud didn't seem interested in drifting very far from me, and played with the stroller. Then he really wanted to push the stroller, so we made a couple of orbits of the blankets where most of the kids and mommies were eating lunch. After that he got courageous and wandered off to find the dirt.

He managed to keep his feet down this time, which spared his clothes. On our last visit to the park (and the dirt) his pants and shirt both got pretty dirty as he sprawled a couple of times. He got his hands into it again, which is not unexpected, and didn't seem interested in sticking the dirt in his mouth. The twigs and sticks, on the other hand, were apparently tasty.

I kept a vigil trying to keep twigs and bits of bark out of his mouth, and of course while sticking things in his mouth the dirt on his hands rubbed off around his mouth. So there was some cleanup to do before we headed for home.

Bud passed out in the car on the way home, and seemed to have a restful nap. I worked from home most of the afternoon, and heard Bud running around the hallway with abandon. I managed to get out for a bike ride in the evening, and M-lady took Bud off to another park... two parks in one day! He was pretty tuckered out by bedtime, and again fell asleep quickly.

UPDATE: Blogger isn't letting me post this, so I'll try again in the morning...
UPDATE: Okay, got it posted. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Second Dinner Challenge

Bud woke at his semi-usual 7:45 this morning, and we did our changing/eating/playing routine. He's been waking up very happy for a while now, which is really nice. It helps get me going in the mornings.

Bud seemd to have a good day, and the weather has been a little cooler, so I know he got to take more walks during the day today. During lunch I swung by the mall to pick up some new, lighter weight PJs for him and ended up picking up 2 sets of PJs, a pair of swim trunks, and a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. Getting ready for summer!

In the evening, not knowing what else to do to entertain the little one, I thought we'd go out someplace. Where to go? We loaded into the car, and headed over to Fry's for a little walk around. In hindsight maybe I should have gone to a park... next time! We then headed to Safeway to pick up some Mother's Day flowers for M-lady, who would be getting home later in the evening.

We got home and I started wondering what to prep for Bud for his second dinner. He had finished up the lasagna and noodles earlier in the day, so it was time to improvise. It's sometimes a tough call, since I'm often not exactly sure what he had for lunch, or his first dinner. What to make... French Toast!

Bud loves his french toast. He ate an entire piece (sans syrup), along with a few ounces of milk, making for a very substantial second dinner.

After the second dinner, we played and wound down a little bit, and Bud again fell asleep really quickly. I think he's getting more worn out these days... yay!

M-lady returned from her trip later in the eveing. I'm sure Bud will be really be happy to see her in the morning!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Going the Distance

Bud woke up this morning just a few minutes before our house cleaners arrived. Bud eyed them warily, and started a bit at the sound of the vacuum cleaner. He did offer to help with his broom, which was really cute.

It wasn't quite as hot today, so I did end up working from home, and I saw Bud a couple of times during the day. He spent most of it playing in his underwear. I saw him lounging on one of his beanbag chairs, just relaxing. It looked like he was having a pretty good day.

After work, I took Bud on a walk to the local Borders. We had a good time chatting on the way there, and then about halfway home I took him out of the stroller so he could walk along next to me. He held my hand, trotting along, while I pushed the stroller. I carried him when we had to cross the street, which he mightily protested. He made it all the way home, to my astonishment. It was about a third of a mile, and he must have been taking about four steps to my one! So he got a pretty good workout.

When we got home, he wolfed down a quarter of a full adult-sized plate of lasagna, along with a few ounces of milk. All that walking made him hungry!

After 2nd dinner Nanny K came to play for a while. Bud was really happy to see her, and showed her all his toys, clapped for some songs, read stories, and generally had a great time before bed. He really interacted with her quite a bit, and even ran to her for comfort when a knock on the door startled him.

At bedtime, he passed out really quickly, and then woke when I put him in his crib. He cried for a minute or two before settling down again.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Hot Day

M-lady left for a business trip this morning before Bud woke up, so it's just us guys for a couple of days. She'll be back Wednesday evening, and we're both going to miss her quite a bit.

Bud woke around 7:15, and drank quite a bit of milk but wasn't interested in his waffle. We read some stories and played a bit before the nanny showed up. It was already getting hot by 9:00am, so I was glad Bud was wearing a shorty.

I saw Bud a couple of times during the day, and he looked pretty happy. I don't think the heat was getting to him. In the house it only got up to the upper seventies, but in the computer room it was probably in the low nineties (too many machines running). If it's this hot again tomorrow, I'm going to take my laptop someplace cooler.

At lunchtime I managed to get out and purchase some lens-cleaning apparatus and a UV filter. That should help with those tiny, little fingerprints which our camera lens seems to be accumulating.

In the evening, I decided to take Bud out for a walk in the very pleasant evening air. We wandered around the neighborhood in his stroller for a while, and then when we got home I let him walk for a bit. He made good progress... we got down to the cactus M-lady mentioned. He still wanted to hug the cactus, and was a little upset when I restrained him, but I boosted him up onto my shoulders and walked him home, and I guess he thought that was alright.

During our walk there was an C-130 (or variant thereof) that flew overhead a number of times. Must have been running touch-and-gos or something. In any case, I made sure Bud could see it each time it went by, and he kept a close eye on it, clapping his hands when it made an especially low pass. Boy, does he love airplanes.

The rest of the evening was fairly sedentary, playing games and looking out the window. I kept him up a little later than usual, and he ate more than usual at bedtime, so by the time I rocked him to sleep he passed out in just a few minutes.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Happy Mother's Day

Bud slept in to about 8:00 this morning, which was really nice. I got up with him, and we had some breakfast together and hung out for a bit. M-lady got up at about 9:00, and we greeted her with smiles and wishes for a happy Mother's Day.

To that end, at about 9:30 I hit the road with Bud to go for a bike ride. We loaded up into the car, and met some folks up at Stanford to ride from there. The ride was nice, the weather was warm, and the company was good. It was, however, a hillier route than I've tried while pulling Bud in the past. Pretty good workout.

Bud slept for the first half of the ride or so, and woke when we stopped to turn around. I pulled him out of the trailer, gave him some Cheerios and water, and we admired the scenery for a bit. Then Bud was back in the trailer for the ride back to the car, which he stayed awake for. I could hear him chattering some of the time, I suppose when he saw something interesting. I really enjoy pulling him along, but wish I could interact with him a bit more while riding.

In any case, it was a bit past lunchtime when we got home, and M-lady fed Bud while I showered and cleaned up. After Bud ate a lot of lasagna for lunch, we cleaned him up and made a couple of video calls to the grandparents (in particular, to the grandmothers...). Bud made himself particularly cute for the calls, so they went well.

M-lady left for a massage and to run a few errands, and Bud and I watched a couple of episodes of "Bob the Builder" which I had recorded. Bud has a big board book about Scoop, one of the Bob the Builder characters, which he enjoys quite a bit. He seemed to enjoy watching the show, although he was getting a little tired again by this point.

After a little more playing, Bud fell asleep for his second short nap of the day, and woke just in time for dinner. He ate a remarkable amount of noodles with spinach, as well as some (slightly tough) breadsticks.

Shortly after dinner it was shower time, followed quickly by bedtime. Bud is getting much better about going to sleep on his own. For the past few nights, we've rocked him a little bit, and then put him in his crib while he's still awake. He's cried once as we leave the room, but quickly settles in and amuses himself until he falls asleep.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Amazin' Bud

Bud amazes us on a regular basis. In the past couple of days he's used two new signs, and showed understanding of a word we weren't even trying to teach him.

I got up with Bud this morning, and we had some good times together while M-lady went to ballet. In particular, we turned on the radio and listened to some music. Bud has a remarkable ability to clap in time to the music, and he was having fun showing off his skill. We also had a lot of fun when I picked him up and spun around while holding him until he was really dizzy. We giggled lots over that.

Then we took a quick trip to Fry's, where Bud showed remarkable patience while I sort of wandered around, checking things out.

We got home right at the same time M-lady did, so we all had lunch together. At least, we were all in the kitchen together, but I'm not sure any of us actually ate at the same time someone else was eating.

Bud went down for his nap shortly afterwards, and I followed suit. We got up around 3:00pm, and M-lady entertained Bud while I inspected the sprinkler system and fixed a couple of faulty heads. Need to get those sprinklers working so Bud has some good grass to play on while the weather's nice!

We all took a quick trip over to Toys 'R Us in the late afternoon, and picked up some diapers and a water table for Bud. We also picked up a training toilet. Bud has started signing when he needs his diaper changed, and he occaisonally signs before he actually poops that he needs a change. We figure if he knows before he poops that he's going to poop, we can go ahead and start some of the potty training concepts. If it doesn't work out, we'll just put the training toilet away for a year or so.

After that it was a little more time outside, and then dinner and after-dinner playtime. I told M-lady about our spinning earlier in the day, and Bud demonstrated for us. Both M-lady and I were aghast. He would giggle, clap, and turn himself around when we said 'spin'! The kid is a sponge.

The other two signs he has exhibited in the past couple of days are 'apple' (fist to the cheek) and 'telephone' (fist to the ear), which he signs every time the phone rings now. I really can't get over how cool it is to communicate with him.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Another Tooth

Finally! Tooth #8 is here! Couldn't get a photo, but I'll try tomorrow. Bud has been a little lopsided for a long time now... he got his four top teeth and three of the bottom teeth pretty much all at the same time. That fourth tooth on the bottom has been missing for months. But it's finally sprouted. Nanny J reported that he seems to be rubbing his gums (towards the back) with his fingers as well, so he might have some molars coming in soon, too.

In the morning Bud and I briefly had a chance to read and work on some more letters. He really likes pointing to the letters on my t-shirts. Today it was 'S'. We pointed to the one on the shirt, found it on the floor, and said 'S' a number of times. Of course when we tried again in the afternoon it wasn't there so much, but he really seems to be interested in learning the letters. Nanny J rearranged some of the items in the playroom so all the letter tiles on the floor are exposed now.

In the evening Bud's old nanny, Nanny K, came by for a visit. Bud was pretty happy to see her, and shared some toys with her. After a quick video call with a set of grandparents, we all walked over to Armadillo Willy's for dinner, and generally had a good time. Bud enjoyed some pulled pork, and of course his favorite, the cornbread muffins. However, during dinner, the busboy came around a few times (clearing the tables near us) and Bud really freaked out. He wanted to be lifted out of the highchair and held whenever he noticed the guy with the cart with about 15 feet. We supposed it could have been the cart itself which was upsetting him, or the red apron the guy was wearing, but it was really as strong a reaction as we've seen from Bud to anyone, particularly someone who wasn't up close.

We got home and played a little, mostly trying to keep Bud from licking the screen door. Bedtime came up quickly, and M-lady rocked Bud for a while before letting him fall asleep on his own. We heard him playing with the music box in his crib before drifting off to sleep.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Bud slept in pretty late this morning, waking a little before 8:00am. M-lady took care of him for a few minutes while I pulled myself together, and then handed him over to me when she needed to head off for a meeting.

Bud was a little fussy this morning, but not too bad. We read some stories, looked out the window, and had a second breakfast of banana bread, cereal and milk at about 10:00am. Shortly after that our friend M showed up. M is travelling this weekend, and wanted to leave his car at our place and get a ride to the airport. So Bud and I loaded up and dropped him off, and then came home to get ready for Mommy Group.

Bud ate some orange chunks and half an apple before we left, and was in a pretty good mood. In the car on the way there he started clapping with the music. I wasn't able to clap, as I was driving, but I slapped my thigh in time to the music as well. At the next stoplight I looked back and Bud was happily slapping his thighs with his hands, with a big grin on his face. We alternated clapping and thigh slapping after that. It was fun to see him pick up a new skill/behavior just by watching me, and doing it so quickly was really neat.

We met the mommies at the park today for the first time since the fall. At that time, none of the babies were walking and most of them weren't even crawling yet. We all sort of plunked the kids down on blankets and chatted. This was a little different.

Fortunately, most of the kids were interested in eating, which kept them fairly close. Bud, having just had the fruit, came over to a bench with me and sqatted down to play in the dirt. He seemed to mostly be over the desire to try to eat the dirt, so I let him really go at it. However, I had just put sunscreen on him so quite a bit of dirt stuck to his hands and face. One of the other mommies arrive shortly after and noted that Bud was looking particularly tan. I chuckled and told her it was because he had a lot of dirt stuck to him. Reminded me of Pigpen from Peanuts.

I wiped his hands off as best I could before toting him home. He fell asleep in the car on the way home, and I stripped his clothes and got him into bed without waking him (he must have really been tuckered out)!

Nanny J gave him a bath in the afternoon, so when I saw him again in the evening his fingernails were clean. He had a good evening with M-lady at Stanford campus, checking out one of the fountains.

He fell asleep on the way home, and M-lady and I put him to bed (mostly M-lady). I guess it took him a while to go back to sleep, but he's off in dreamland now after a busy day!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Bud woke up this morning at about 7:00am, and I took care of him until I needed to head into work for the second day of my training at about 8:30. We spent the time mostly reading books and playing with his toys: it was nice and mellow.

When I got home, we had a little Tasmanian Devil running around. I don't think I've ever seen Bud so worked up. He was having a great time, too. Giggling, singing, stomping around, climbing on/over things, getting into things. We'd turn our back for a few seconds and he was off pulling toilet paper off the roll. Then he'd take off for the computers, or try to reach a plate on the table or something. I got tired just watching him.

M-lady took off shortly after I got home for ballet class. We're trying to give each other the opportunity to get out for an evening at least once per week. So I spent the next couple hours herding Bud around. He managed to keep his energy level way up for a really long time.

I got tipped off before M-lady left that Bud had only taken a small nap during the day, so I started the bedtime routine a little early. He had a vast quantity of milk before bed, so I put a diaper doubler into his bedtime diaper in the hope he doesn't overflow before morning. Then we read a bedtime story, and Bud turned off like I'd thrown a switch. We had a lot of fun in the evening, even though it was pretty active the whole time.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

New Stuff at the Park

I was unfortunately stuck in a training class all day today. When I got home, Ah-Yi was just leaving. We packed up and headed over to a friend's house for dinner. D+T have a nice place that sits directly across the street from a really cool park, which their 19 month old daughter, K, loves.

When we arrived, there was a brief struggle to get K to put her shoes on, and then we all trooped over to the park. Bud had a great time checking everything out. We hit the swings first. I don't think he remembers riding in the swings, but he really enjoyed it this time. Lots of grins and giggles. I pushed him for a while, and then M-lady took a turn. We eventually abandoned the swings to check out some of the other equipment and let some other kids have a turn.

Bud examined the climbing structure very closely, and in particular watched an older girl play on all the different apparatus. We tried out the slide, and then did some more examining. Then, when I turned my back for a moment, he took off up the steep steps. New skill! He's never really had the opportunity to try climbing a set of steps; so far it's been one at a time. But he really didn't have too much trouble with these. When he reached the top he ran around a bit, immensely pleased with himself. I finally coaxed him down the slide.

Bud then proceeded to circumnavigate the playground, looking at some of the other equipment, and examining very closely some of the leaves on the ground. We headed over to D+T's house for dinner shortly thereafter.

Bud sat in K's highchair, and K sat at the table like a big girl. We handed Bud a bowl full of noodles, which was also a bit new for him, as we usually spoon feed noodles and rice to him. He had a great time, and ended up with lots of noodles in his lap. We weren't quite quick enough to get the photo of him holding the bowl up against his face, but I'm sure that will happen again soon enough.

We got home a little later than Bud's usual bedtime, and he fell asleep quickly. M-lady and I spent some time trying to foil his attempts at some of the bookcases by rearranging the furniture. We'll see if we've had any success tomorrow.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Cranky Morning, Good Day

I shot awake this morning at about 5:50am when I heard Bud give a remarkably forceful cry. His second cry was quieter, and his third a bit of a whimper, and that was it. It was certainly more significant than his usual night noises, but he must have gone right back to sleep, if he woke up at all. He then did his normal wakeup routine at about 7:00am. I got up with him then and kept an eye on him until the nanny arrived.

He was pretty grumpy this morning. It was tough to get him changed, tough to get him to eat, and he wasn't really interested in playing. We read some books, but he really seemed more interested in complaining. And then, when the nanny showed up, it seemed he was all smiles. Maybe the weekend was just a little too long for him.

I received a report later in the day that Bud had been a leader in his new gym class, called 'Wiggle Worms'. It's for 9-15 month olds, so Bud is on the upper end of that. He was apparently outgoing, enjoyed the free play, and was the best dancer there.

In the early evening we gave a quick video call to one set of grandparents, and Bud showed off his new frog sign. Bud got squirmy pretty quickly, though, so the call was a little shorter than usual.

After a quick second dinner of carrots and potatos, I took Bud on a quick shopping trip. We walked to the local SportMart to look for a wetsuit rashguard for Bud, basically to use as a shirt he can get wet and swim in which will protect him from the sun. We found this one... I let him pick the color (bright yellow), and got an adult sized one for myself (not bright yellow). The smallest one they had was a child's 6. But with the lycra it's supposed to stretch a bit, and his hands poke out the sleeves, and his shoulders don't slip through the neck, so we think he'll get lots of use out of it.

Bud had a good time on the walk to and from the store, and then we played for a bit when we got home. He didn't eat much overall today, and had very little right before bed, but it didn't seem to negatively effect him. Hope he wakes up in a better mood tomorrow, tho.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Letters and Numbers

Bud slept in this morning, which really wasn't surprising given how late he stayed up last night. M-lady got up with him around 7:45, and I rolled out of bed around 8:45 and watched him for a bit while I got ready for a bike ride. We ate some waffle and banana bread, and read a few stories. He also showed great interest in my keys, so I lent them to him briefly.

I was away on a ride for a few hours while M-lady took Bud out shopping and to a local street fair, where he apparently enjoyed looking at all the crafts of dogs and ducks (paintings, wood carvings, etc.). They had returned home for lunch shortly before I arrived home myself.

Bud was a bit hungry and tired, but we took care of those for the most part. He didn't eat as much as he should have before going to sleep, but began his nap by about 2:15 (struggle, struggle, flop). M-lady departed to do some shopping, and I decided to remain at home to give Bud some time to chill after an already busy weekend.

When I noticed that Bud had been asleep for about 2 hours, I went and woke him up. Boy did he not want to wake up. He screamed and generally threw an all out tantrum for a good fifteen minutes before I could calm him down. After he calmed down a bit I was able to get some water and food into him, and he was happy for the rest of the evening. We had a nice chat with one set of grandparents, although it was interrupted by a stinky diaper. He had a good dinner, I got him into the shower to clean him up, and he fell asleep pretty quickly.

Bud is getting better at his letters. He can now point to the 'O' on the floor and say 'O', and point to the 'E' and 'A'. I guess he was saying 'E' a few days ago, but didn't feel the need today to say that one today. It's really cool. He also said 'yi' for the '1' on the floor (chinese for '1', pronounced, sadly, 'E'). So he's learning Chinese numbers, but English letters, since the Chinese writing system isn't letter based. I hope he doesn't get too confused :).

Saturday, May 06, 2006

New Sign and a Busy Day

Bud woke up at about 6:30 this morning, which normally wouldn't be too bad, but I had gotten to bed around 2:30 or so the night before. He was soaked, unfortunately, so I changed his diaper and clothes, and the rest of our morning was fine. M-lady watched Bud in the later morning while I caught up on sleep, and then we started getting ready to head to our school department reunion for lunch.

As we started getting ready, M-lady showed me that Bud had acquired a new sign... the one for frog. The baby sign for frog (different from the ASL one) is sticking one's tongue in and out rapidly. Bud was having a great time identifying all the frogs, but he doesn't quite have the motion: he sticks his tongue out and moves it side to side. It's really cute.

We all headed to our department reunion luncheon, and got to see some old friends. Bud was much admired by all. We also met another old friend's new child, a 4 month old daughter. He's a stay-at-home daddy right now, so we compared notes for a few minutes.

The lunch was in a courtyard with a fountain in the middle of it, and Bud was really itching to get into the fountain. I took him and held on the edge of the fountain for a while, and while he would have rather crawled right in, he was pretty entranced watching and listening to the falling water.

After the lunch, we met another friend at the national collegiate rugby championships. Bud had a great time running around on the grass just off the pitch. While M-lady and I were briefly chatting, he ran off towards the fence between the stands and the field, and poked one of the staffers sitting against the other side of the fence in the back. He then charmed the guy at the fence, smiling and interacting. It was fun to watch.

After some fun in the sun, we came home for a quick downtime, and then headed back to the reunion for dinner. Bud fell asleep on the way there, and woke right before we went in. He as a little bleary-eyed for the beginning of the dinner, and sat on my lap for most of it. But he perked up after some grapes, and made lots more friends.

Overall it was a busy day, but Bud seemed to enjoy most of it.

Friday, May 05, 2006

An Early Kind of Day

Bud didn't wake early this morning, but everything else seemed to be on a somewhat accelerated timetable. He went down for his nap at about 11:00am instead of the usual 1:00pm, and I think that's were things got off a bit.

He wasn't particularly crabby today, though. I heard him giggling and laughing with the nanny, and we had a very pleasant (if somewhat shortened) evening together. Bud was getting a little punch-drunk by 6:30pm, wobbling and looking tired. He got some of the chicken we had for dinner in his eyebrows when he rubbed his eyes in the highchair. We managed to keep him awake until about 7:30pm, but he was really exhausted, and fell asleep almost instantly. I hope that he doesn't wake up tomorrow at 4:30am or something.

Bud is starting to learn some of his letters. We have a set of floor pads with the alphabet on them, and he can point out E and O (and likes to chew on the Q), and can actually say E (generally while standing on that one). He's showing interest in the other letters, but we haven't verified that he knows which one is which yet. He also enjoys pointing to the letters on my college sweatshirt, which I repeat for him at his indication. New stuff every day!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Playing in the Water

Bud woke at about 7:00 this morning, and we had a pretty mellow morning before getting ready for Mommy Group. At about 11:00, I took Bud over, and we found a whole bunch of kids and mommies getting ready to go out back and play in the inflatable pool and water table. Almost as soon as we got outside (after wrangling Bud into a swim diaper and getting some sunscreen on him), M-lady showed up. It was great having her there as well.

Bud had a great time playing in the water. He checked out the pool, and really enjoyed splashing with his hands. Then he'd wander over to the water table and splash there for a bit. After a while he started really enjoying getting his hand wet and then shaking the water off it - thus the second picture.He was also the only child there to not mind getting water in his face (and he got a lot of water in his face). I think this might be the result of taking showers with me. He gets water in his face there on a regular basis.

So Bud ended up pretty wet, but happy. We got dried off, and went inside, changed into dry clothes, and played for a little while before going home and having a fairly total meltdown. Bud was really hungry and sleepy, and the sleepy part won. I try to make it a general guideline not to go to sleep hungry (particularly for M-lady); it makes it so much easier to wake up again. But Bud wasn't having any of it. We managed to get a few spoonfuls of noodles into him, and then he slept for about two hours. At that point he didn't want to wake up, and when he finally ate at about 3:30pm or so he was ravenous.

The rest of the late afternoon and evening were pretty nice. Bud ate some stew and banana bread at dinner, and had a fun video call with a set of grandparents. The video calls are quickly becoming one of his favorites. I'm sure he'll figure out how to ask for them by name pretty quickly.

Bud stayed up a little later than usual (not surprising given the long nap), but fell asleep on his own in the crib.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


M-lady took care of Bud this morning, and got him dressed in a shorty. It's been so nice and warm out! Bud had a pretty mellow morning, although he got away from M-lady once and came into our room to wake me up.

He apparently had a great time at gym class today. He's clearly become more comfortable there, and was running around trying things and playing. The nanny reported that he charmed everyone with his exceptional cuteness. He also charmed an employee at Trader Joe's, who got Bud a ballon.

This is Bud's first balloon! We've been kind of steering clear of them, especially the latex ones, as they present a bit of a choking hazard. But Bud didn't seem particularly interested in chewing on the balloon. This shot shows him a little calmer than he was when he first arrived home with the new toy. He spent a good couple hours running around, giggling, screaming, and playing with the balloon.

In the evening, a friend came over to scan some photos in on our computers. Bud warmed up to her pretty quickly, and offered some smiles during dinner. He then wanted to play with her after dinner, handing her one toy after another. He was having a good time, but got a little nervous when I left him in the room alone with her and quickly chased me down.

I took Bud for a walk in the later evening, and we spent some very mellow time together before bed. He fell asleep pretty quickly. Tomorrow promises some water fun at the Mommy Group meeting, so I went out after he went to bed and got some swimmy diapers. Will get some photos and let you know how it goes!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Does He Look Like Me?

Here's a picture of myself at about 15 months. Bud is currently coming up on 14 months. I think I'm starting to see some of my features in him, but time will tell. You can compare with the image in this post, taken a few days ago.

Bud woke at about 7:30 today, and we had a good morning together. Our cleaners came this morning, and Bud was really interested in the vacuum cleaner. After they finished with it and stood it in the corner, he went right up and tried to use it. He managed to knock it over, and I got him away before he started chewing on it.

Bud got out to the library with the nanny this morning, and they took another walk in the afternoon. The weather today was gorgeous... it's heating up a bit! Our house has a peculiar property when the weather warms up. It stays cool during the day, which is nice. As soon as the temperature outside drops, the temp in the house seems to shoot up. I think hot air in the attic is being forced down into the house, but it's only a theory. In any case, Bud spent a good part of the evening running around with just a diaper on.

We got a quick video call in to a set of grandparents, and will try the others tomorrow!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Movin' On Up

Bud is discovering the world above him. He's started reaching onto the table to grab things, and today started stepping onto his book bin to reach the windowsill. So I think we need to move on to a whole new level of child-proofing. I hope he isn't too aggressive in finding other furniture or architectural features to climb. Oh well.

Bud woke at about 7:15 or so this morning, and was apparently much less put out by Rob being in his play space. When I got up he was running around, having a great time. After Rob had gone, we cleaned up his play area and ate a waffle before our nanny arrived.

In the early evening, Bud, M-lady and I went for a walk in the beautiful sunny weather. We headed over to a nearby Circuit City, and perused the technology which has made it to the mainstream consumer market. Bud enjoyed the Xbox 360 demo, but was a little disappointed that we didn't give him one of the sample MP3 players to chew on.

After we got home and ate, Bud and I read some stories and watched a little bit of TV. He went to bed a few minutes later than usual, but was pretty tuckered and fell asleep quickly.