Sunday, April 30, 2006

Another Full Day

I woke with Bud at about 7:30 this morning. He was in good spirits when I picked him up from his room, but got very concerned when he discovered our houseguest, my good friend Rob, set up in his playroom. Bud stared at Rob for about a half hour before having his morning milk. It was probably another hour or so before Bud started playing with Rob around.

But Bud finally accepted Rob, and we all headed off to meet another mutual friend for brunch. Unfortunately, it was pretty busy, and we had to wait for a table and service. By the time we had eaten, Bud was pretty grouchy. But he did like the coffee cake.

So we headed home for a nap, and decided to try our luck with one more outing on the day. In the late afternoon we headed off to Nanny K's housewarming party. Bud had a surprisingly good time. There were a lot of people there, and he was a bit nervous at first, but soon left my side to go explore. He was particularly interested in some of the blind pulls, some cookbooks on a low shelf, a collections of stuffed animals, and the clock radio in the guest room. He had a great time playing with the clock radio. I hope it doesn't wake Nanny K up at some odd time in the morning.

He was really good at the party, and we eventually headed home to get him some dinner. Bud ate a really big dinner, and was in a hyper happy mood in the evening. He danced, and giggled, and ran around quite a bit. It was fun to watch and hear. Right before bed we had a shower, and he did get a little fussy right before bed - I think he was a bit overtired. M-lady rocked him to sleep pretty quickly.

Because the weekend was so busy, we didn't get a chance to video chat with any of the grandparents. We'll make an effort to get in touch with them in the next day or two.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Very Busy Day

M-lady got up with Bud this morning at about 7:00. It sounded like they had a good time for a while, and then came in to say hi to me and wake me up at about 8:30. M-lady went off to ballet, and I decided to take Bud for a bike ride. I also decided that he should be wearing his helmet in the trailer, so we got that on and attached with minimal fuss.

We got onto the road at about 10:00am, and within about 15 minutes Bud was asleep. At the point where I have turned back the past couple of rides, he was still asleep, so I decided to forge on ahead. At about the halfway point of the ride Bud had woken up, and we stopped for a while and ate Cheerios and had some water.

The weather when we started was very chilly and overcast, but at this point it was sunny and warming up. I peeled excess clothing off, and stopped a few times to make sure Bud was OK. Towards the end of the ride he was clearly uncomfortable with the helmet, so we took that off for the end of the ride. The issue was that the back of the seat is really pretty flat, so when he leaned back it forced his head down. He couldn't really look up. I'll need to see if I can arrange things in the trailer so it's more comfortable for him with the helmet on.

When we got home, M-lady had returned and she fed Bud some lunch while I unpacked and cleaned up. After lunch, she took Bud to the mall with her, and I ran some errands. M-lady reported that they once again had a good time stomping around the mall. But at one point Bud realized he could reach the handle of the stroller if mommy held him up, and wanted to be carried while pushing the stroller after that.

When they got home, Bud was asleep in the car for his second short nap of the day. We let him sleep for a while, then fed him dinner when he woke. He at a lot of noodles and spinach! And then it was time for the third outing of the day. We all drove up north a short ways to a friend's party.

This friend has several cats and a small dog, and Bud was fascinated. He watched the cats, doing his cat sign, and loved watching the little dog tear around. The dog, Tonka, is tiny... maybe ten pounds at most, smaller than the cats. Tonka put her paws up on Bud and reached up to lick his face. And Bud didn't seem to mind much, although he got a little nervous by the third or fourth time. Tonka seems a great starter dog for Bud to interact with, and we're happy he was so interested in the pets.

When we got home at about 8:00, Bud was still pretty wound up. After rocking for a while without falling asleep, we finally let him cry it out, which lasted about 20 minutes.

Friday, April 28, 2006

A Pleasant Family Walk

Bud woke at about 6:45 this morning, and I dragged myself out of bed to go get him. He was in a good mood this morning, which became a better mood when he discovered his broom in the playroom. He seemed a little skeptical of the wiffle ball stuck on the top at first. He pointed to it, pulled at it a bit, and gestured at the box of different balls which we keep in the corner. I think he might have been concerned that one of the balls from his box was used and stuck on the broom. I assured him that all the balls he was used to were still in the box, and it was a new ball on the broom. After a little while he was happily bonking things with the wiffle ball end of the broom.

He was pretty happy to see our nanny when she arrived, and apparently had a pretty good day with her. M-lady and I were able to relieve Qi Ah-Yi a little earlier this afternoon, and decided to walk to Armadillo Willy's for dinner. We fed Bud beforehand, but he was only somewhat interested in his noodles and spinach. After about half the bowl, he started removing mouthfuls with his fist and spreading them out on his tray. Ew.

The walk to Armadillo Willy's was great. The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days. Yay! Bud got to wear his new sun hat, and enjoyed the stroller ride. When we got there, he ate quite a bit of cornbread and shredded pork. He was a little noisy, but definitely had a good time, alternately looking at all the other diners and stuffing a bit of food in his mouth.

The walk back was very pleasant as well, and Bud got tired fairly early this evening. He fell asleep quickly.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A Broom of One's Own

M-lady woke fairly early with Bud this morning. I took him at about 8:30, and we hung out for a while, had some waffle, read some stories, that sort of thing. At about 10:00am we left for Mommy Group, stopping by the new Lowe's which opened up down the street from us on the way.

Bud actually fell asleep on the was to S + A's house for Mommy Group, and was a little groggy when we arrived. We were the first to arrive, but even in the relative quiet Bud was still clingy. After a little bit he de-grogged enough to play with some of A's toys, but he still wasn't particularly social.

Within a few minutes, he discovered a small toddler-sized broom of A's. Bud proceeded to happily tromp about the place, sweeping with the broom, for the next 75 minutes or so. Boy, does he dig brooms. M-lady and I had to hide the brooms we had around the house, since they're a bit large for Bud to handle and he likes to chew on the ends. This small broom is easy for him to handle, but he was still chewing on the end a bit. The other mommies commented that he wasn't being shy. I think he was just so absorbed in the broom he didn't really notice the others. When we had to leave Mommy Group, Bud was very upset when I pried the broom from his grip.

We met Qi Ah-Yi at home, and I went to work for the afternoon. M-lady needed to go to her team dinner this eveing (I went to mine last night), so I got Bud all to myself in the evening. It was a beautiful, warm, clear day, and there was still plenty of sunshine at 6:00pm, so Bud and I went for a walk to the Toys 'R Us a couple of blocks away.

At the Toys 'R Us I found the same broom which A had. I managed to hide it from Bud on the walk home by putting it in the bottom of the stroller, but he saw it when we got home and would not be separated from it until bedtime. We played with the broom in the play room. We played with the broom in the kitched. We tried to hold the broom while we ate. We threw a fit when we couldn't hold the broom while we were having our diaper changed. We had a video chat with Grandparents and showed them the broom.

After Bud went to bed, I epoxied a wiffle ball onto the end of the broom in an effort to prevent Bud from chewing on it (and having in his mouth when he falls over). We'll see how long the ball stays attached to the broom. I'll be sure to get some pictures tomorrow.

UPDATE: I posted the photo above.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Not Home Much

Today was one of those busy work days. Some of my team members from Seattle were in town, and the group was preparing for a demo we're giving tomorrow. I was able to spend about an hour with Bud this morning, but I didn't get home from work until about 11:00pm, and I was happy to find Bud asleep by that time. Apparently he and M-lady had a very pleasant evening. Although M-lady reported to me that Bud was eating carrots rather messily this evening, leaving little carrot shreds all over the kitchen.

This morning the street sweeping truck came by a few times. Bud marveled at the sound, and I made sure we got to the window in time to see the big truck with the brushes go by.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Stronger Lines of Communication

Bud has suddenly and dramatically progressed in his communications abilities. At least, that's the way it seems to us. I think in the past couple of weeks he groked some fundamental concept of communication, and has just been waiting for us to catch on.

The past two mornings, M-lady and I have read his baby signs books with him. Or rather, worked through them with him. He has gone from making one or two signs and saying 'nana' the last time we read them with him to pretty much providing a reasonable facsimile of every single sign in the book. It's absolutely astounding. As M-lady wrote, Bud signed for drink tonight at dinner very clearly. He's almost got the sign for cereal, too. It's so fantastic to be able to have more of a clue as to what the little guy wants, after months of guesses and trial and error (lots of error).

We have hints that he's using 'Ma-ma' and 'Ba-ba' appropriately, and he is now understanding 'hwa-hwa' (draw), 'dog', 'cat', 'fei-ji' (airplane), and more.

That said, Bud was a little fussy this evening. I believe he had a good day with the nanny, going for a walk to the library in the late morning, and eating a large quantity of noodles, spinach, and chicken. But he seemed a little tired and fussy for a good portion of the evening, and fell asleep quickly when bedtime rolled around.

P.S. I added froggy pics to the last post, if you haven't seen them yet.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Frogs Everywhere

Lil' Bud woke this morning at about 7:15, but he played quietly in his crib until I crawled out of bed myself and got him about 7:30. His diaper had overflowed again, as it has the past couple of mornings. Doesn't seem to bug him too much, though. So I got him changed and we had some breakfast of milk and waffle. Sideways.

M-lady had to leave fairly early this morning to get to work for a conference, so Bud and I played together until the nanny arrived. Bud didn't want me to go (disappearing into the office for hours) but Qi Ah-Yi lured him away with some grapes.

Bud and M-lady and I had an enjoyable evening together. M-lady prepared spaghetti for dinner, and Bud had a great time playing with the noodles. He would stretch them, then watch them bounce, and giggle and giggle. Then he'd stuff one in his mouth and munch away.

After Bud went to sleep, I made a dash to Toys 'R Us to pick up a bathtub spout guard. Bud is starting to climb out of his little plastic tub (which we place in the big tub), so getting the cover on the spout is becoming more important. It's shaped like a very cute frog. Taken with another toy frog which he just started playing with a few days ago, it seems that frogs are popping up everywhere. I'm going to have to figure out what the sign for frog is. I haven't heard a 'ribbet' from Bud yet, but I'm sure he's working on it.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Fruity Day

M-lady was kind enough to take care of Bud this morning while I went for a bike ride. This was an organized ride, a 100K out in the east bay area. I got up before Bud did to get out there and get started, and finished by lunchtime.

I met Bud and M-lady at Aunt O + Uncle C's place, and we hung out with them for a little while. Bud had a great time with one of the remotes. Uncle C eventually took the batteries out so Bud wouldn't program the VCR or something.

On the way home, Bud fell asleep, and after unloading we took a family nap. In the evening, Bud was generally in good spirits. He ate a truckload of fruit today: almost a whole loaf of M-lady's banana bread (his favorite!), 1/2 of a pear, 1/3 of an apple, and a bushel of grapes. Along with that he had his usual dinner of noodles, veggies, and meat, and about 14 oz of milk before bed. Wow! And that was pretty much all after 4:30pm!

I cleaned him up in the shower before bed, and we played with the bubbles again... boy does he love that. He had no desire to get dressed after the shower, so M-lady had to chase him around a bit to get a diaper on him. The pajamas got assembled on him in bits and pieces as he ran around the playroom. Overall it was a really good evening.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Eating Sideways

M-lady got up with Bud this morning, and aside from a short outburst regarding breakfast, it sounded like they were having a pretty good time. I got up shortly after to keep an eye on Bud while M-lady went to ballet.

Bud and I hung out and had a waffle. Bud has been eating his waffles (and toast) sideways. That is, he holds them vertically, and nibbles at them while they rub his nose and chin. It's pretty cute. He certainly sees us holding our toast horizontally, and I suspect he knows that his mouth is aligned horizontally. When I hold the toast for him to take a bite, I'll hold it horizontally. But he seems to like holding it vertically for himself. Oh well.

Bud and I took a quick trip to Fry's before M-lady got home, and we were just setting up for lunch when she arrived.

We took Bud to a friend's wedding in the afternoon. He didn't have a whole lot of nap beforehand, so I was a little worried. But he was fascinated by the spacious interior of the church, and saw lots of people he knew. He certainly enjoyed the organ music. He babbled a little during the vows, so M-lady stood and bounced him a bit, but other than that he was perfect.

We took him home and left him with the nanny while we escaped to the reception. He was asleep when we got back, but the nanny reported that he had climbed up on a step-stool to get at a table in his playroom. Uh-oh! More babyproofing ahead!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Stompin' at the Mall, Part 2

Bud woke a little early this morning at about 6:45. He was a little fussy until he fell asleep again at about 8:45 for a 40 minute nap. He took his usual nap in the afternoon today, so we figure the morning nap was making up for the nap he didn't get yesterday.

He started saying 'Ba-ba' today, which is Mandarin for 'Daddy'. Interesting how 'Ma-ma' is the same in both languages. In any case, he's now saying 'Ba-ba', although it's unclear if he's attached the word's meaning to me yet.

We took off for the mall in the evening, so M-lady could shop for a dress. Bud had a great time looking at all the people, and while we ate dinner (taking turns) Bud wandered around the food court holding one of our hands. After dinner I took Bud off to the play area, where he mostly hugged my legs.

After the play area we walked to the spot where we were going to meet up with M-lady again. But Bud wanted to push the stroller. Of course, he can't reach the handle, so he pushes on one of the support tubes. And he can't even reach the supports on both sides at the same time, so he just pushes on one side. He can't see over the stroller in front of him, either. Basically, I was pushing the stroller, and he was holding on and walking between me and the stroller. But he was adamant about being there.

We met up with M-lady, and headed for another store. Bud still wanted to help push the stroller, so he tromped about 3/4s of the way across the mall before he got so tired that he fell over. Just a little head bump, but we plopped him into the stroller so he could ride the rest of the way. He tolerated being in the stroller with the help of a pacifier.

At home, we got him ready for bed and read a new story (yesterday was the first night). It's a Boynton book called The Going to Bed Book. It's lots of fun, and pretty short compared to some of the other bedtime books. But Bud seems to enjoy it. He fell asleep pretty quickly.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Pleasant Brunch

M-lady got up with Bud this morning, and sounded like they were having a pretty good time while I dragged myself out of bed around 8:00am. I took Bud and we got ready to meet our good friend K for brunch in Palo Alto.

We got there just a little before our scheduled meeting time, but K had beaten us there and had a table all ready for us. Bud was pretty happy to see her, and interacted with her quite a bit during the course of the meal. Bud got to sit in a high chair, and also enjoyed looking at (and being looked at by) the people at the neighboring tables. The waiter also brought Bud some crayons and a blank paper place mat to draw on. Bud managed to make some marks on the paper, using the skills honed with the magnetic doodler he's be having fun with, but K and I had to keep a close eye on him to keep him from eating the crayolas.

After brunch we headed to Stanford where K was helping teach a dance class. Bud and I got introduced to the class, and watched for a while. Bud found the fountain outside in the courtyard much more entertaining than the class, however, and seemed to be a little miffed at me that I wouldn't let him dive in. In any case, we wandered about the campus a little bit, and then headed for home.

Bud fell asleep for the 20 minute drive home, but apparently that was the only nap he got today. When we got home we ate a little lunch, and then I turned him over to the nanny while I went to work.

In the evening he was pretty wiped out. We managed a video call to grandparents, but right after that it was bedtime. I think he passed out within about 5 minutes of starting to rock.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Earning His Keep

Bud was an angel and slept in this morning until 8:00am. In fact, I had to go in and wake him up about then. His diaper had leaked (the first time in a while), so I got him all changed and we had breakfast and played for a while.

Bud surprised me while we were reading books in the morning. When I'd finished one, he signed for 'more', indicating that he wanted me to read it again. I don't think we've ever used the 'more' sign outside of the gastronomic realm, so I was very surprised and pleased. He clearly is grasping the abstract concept of 'more', and applied it, on his own initiative, to a new activity. Is there anything cooler than having your kid impress you with how smart he is? I think not.

He and the nanny seemed to have a good day, although in the late afternoon I came home and found him doing housework! Actually, this seems to be one of his favorite activities right now. A little like some of his past passtimes. M-lady got this shot of him. It should be noted that he was mopping, not sweeping... you can see the drool coming off his chin. Sadly, Bud was a little too energetic trying to eat the broom, so M-lady had to wrest it from him.

He was pretty tired by bedtime, and fell asleep reasonably quickly. I put a diaper doubler into his diaper, just in case.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Little Dancer

Bud found himself a new amusement today during the afternoon, and showed it to M-lady and I when we got home. He would grin, and then spin in place until he got so dizzy that he sat down. Then he'd laugh and laugh. Then he'd get up and stomp his foot three times (part of the ceremony, apparently). Of course this whole display cracked us up as well, and he fed off that. When M-lady and I arrived he was already nearing hysteria.

The rest of Bud's day seemed fine. He ate well, was in good spirits, and continued to try to chew on anything he could get his mouth on. I think his cardboard books are suffering the most right now.

I got to spend a little time with him in the early evening, and then I had an errand to run. When I got home he was just going to sleep. I got to say goodnight, so that was good. M-lady reported that they had a very pleasant evening, eating home-cooked stew and watching some of 'My Neighbor Totoro'. Bud only took a 60 minute nap today instead of his usual 90 minute nap, so he was pretty punch-drunk by the end of the night.

It's amazing how quickly he's learning and growing. Something new every day!

Monday, April 17, 2006

All Sorts of New Communication

Bud has been growing his communication skills by leaps and bounds in the past 2 days. All of a sudden it's clear that he's really talking to us.

Today he demonstrated a firm grasp of the sign for 'more', asking for more noodles and lasagna at dinner. We also saw him sign for 'cat' while on a video call with the grandparents. He also now points out his ear when asked. I'm sure other facial features are coming soon. And then, in the later evening, he called M-lady 'Ma-ma'. She was so thrilled! Then he called me 'ma-ma'. So close.

I took first watch this morning, and Bud and I had a pretty good time until M-lady took over at about 8:45. Bud and the Nanny had a good day, on this first sunny day in a while, and went for a walk in the late morning.

A late birthday present arrived for Bud from my sister and her family. It's this cool wooden stool, with puzzle pieces on the top which are apparently perfect for chewing on. Bud also had a great time with the legs of the stool before I assembled it. In fact he was a little upset that he couldn't get the legs off, but I'd rather he didn't go about beating things with a fairly heavy wooden stick.

We had a fun evening together, and Bud had a great video call with one set of grandparents. He showed the cat sign for the first time, and did his dog sign, and quacked like a duck, and showed off some of his other signs. He pointed at his ear, and generally had a good time. He's also started connecting the people in some of the pictures he sees with the people on the video screen. It's really fantastic.

He ate a pretty big meal before bed (12 ounces of milk and a piece of toast), and apparently put himself to sleep after some rocking. What a great day!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Showin' Off New Skills

Happy Easter All. Bud definitely had a better day today. He woke up pretty early again, about 6:30am. M-lady took first shift. When I got up around 8:00 M-lady proudly told me of all the new things Bud was doing: he had successfully fitted some of his puzzle pieces into his puzzle, and he was able to press the noise-making buttons on one of his farm books.

I played with Bud for a while, first checking his temperature, which was normal. I confirmed the new puzzle skill along with our usual hanging-out activities, which included clipping his fingernails in front of the computer. When M-lady joined us again, I made some French Toast for brunch. Bud hugged my legs a bit, but didn't mind me spending time at the stove. Yesterday he pitched a fit when I put him down, so we suspected he was feeling better. He also grabbed some stacks of unused foam pads we had lying against the wall and practiced crawling up and down the 4 inch step it created. Since we don't have any stairs in the house, this was a great learning experience for him. He really had a great time.

We spent most of the afternoon and early evening at a small gathering at Aunt O's place. Bud had a good nap on the way there, and I stayed with him in the car for a while after we arrived to let him sleep some more. When he woke up and we went in, Bud was very well behaved. M-lady and I handed him back and forth and kept him entertained, and he played with some of the other folks there as well. He did manage to get ahold of someone's (older) camera, and enjoyed playing with that immensely.

When we got home we had time for a quick meal, and then a shower. Bud had fun playing with the bubbles again, but is starting to get into the cabinets and drawers in the bathroom. Time to put more latches in! He was pretty worn out by bedtime, and fell asleep quickly. We're so glad that he's feeling better.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Fussy Day

Lil' Bud woke at about 7:00am this morning, which while not unusual, still seems really early. I got up and watched him for a while, while Mommy went to ballet. Late morning we dashed out to the grocery store to get some milk. Bud goes through that stuff pretty fast.

Around lunchtime Bud started getting really fussy and tired. We thought he might be hungry, but he stayed fussy after he ate. Fortunately he fell asleep on the way to our haircut appointments, and got a good long nap in. When he woke up, his head was soaked! M-lady calls him 'little sweaty head'. It's pretty clear he gets that from his Dad.

When we got home we started getting ready to go out to meet some friends for dinner, but Bud was extremely fussy again. I noticed he felt a little hot, so we took his temperature and discovered a low (really low) grade fever, which explained his generally cranky behavior today. We gave him a dose of Tylenol, cancelled our dinner plans, and had a mellow evening at home.

Bud shared M-lady's lasagna at dinner, and ate just about as much of it as she did. So his appetite doesn't seem to be an issue. And he hasn't been barfing today. So maybe it's a tooth coming in. Hopefully he'll be in better spirits tomorrow.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Up Early

Lil' Bud woke a little extra early this morning, at about 5:30am. M-lady was kind enough to take the first shift, and I took over around 7:15am. He was happy enough (although he got a little worked up waiting for the waffle to toast). We played for a while, and he showed me his new trick: if you hold him and say 'Kiss?', he'll head-butt you in the face. That is, he'll move closer to receive a kiss, but his judgement of distance and velocity are currently a little lacking. In any case, when you avoid getting clocked, it's cute.

Bud went for a couple of short walks with the nanny today, and after she left kept looking outside, where the sun had come out. So M-lady and I bundled him up and went for a walk to a local taco place for dinner. He seemed to enjoy the walk, the fresh air, and the sights immensely, as did M-lady and I. We've been cooped up with the rain for so long, it's nice to get out and strech the legs a bit in the sunshine. Of course, it's supposed to rain again tonight and this weekend.

When we got home, he played with quite a bit of energy right up until about 8:00pm. He didn't have any extra naps today, so going to sleep this evening was not an issue. It was a good evening with Bud.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Like the Bad Old Days, Only Smellier

Bud got to ride facing forward in his car seat for the first time today. M-lady reports that he really liked it, grinning each time she looked back at him. M-lady took Bud to mommy group this morning, where a small Easter egg hunt was staged so that some of the kids who would be going to public Easter egg hunts would know what to do.

M-lady reports that most of the kids didn't get it. I saw several photos of children looking like Bud here, holding an egg with the expression which says: "Ummm, now what?" But I think all the kids and mommies had fun, regardless. Reports have it that the eggs contained Goldfish crackers, which were by all accounts very popular.

In the late afternoon, after he'd had his bath, Bud picked up something off the floor (probably something tracked in from outside) and started barfing. Repeatedly. He didn't seem particularly upset by it, though. When I saw him the nanny was putting him in the bath again, since he'd barfed while lying on his back and gotten the back of his head and ears covered in vomit. M-lady was working on his clothes. I headed out to the playroom to discover a puddle in the middle of the floor.

Funny thing, his barf smells a lot worse that when it was just formula. I guess he's got real stomach enzymes going now. In any case, he barfed again as he got out of the bath, all over his towel, so into the tub he went again. Fortunately, that was his last barf. Later that evening M-lady and I noted that he was still pretty stinky, so I took him in the shower and gave him a good head scrubbing. He smells mostly OK now, save for a little bit around the ears.

After his shower, we had a video call with a set of grandparents. They struck on the idea of drawing pictures for Bud while chatting. Bud showed off his dog sign, and made his 'qua-qua' sound for the duck (he doesn't quite get the 'ck' on the end).

We kept dinner pretty simple for him, and he fell asleep quickly at bedtime.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Spice Required

Lil' Bud had a pretty good day today right up until the end. His diaper rash seems to be getting better, and he got to have video chats with two sets of grandparents.

M-lady and I prepared a pot roast last night and dropped it in the crockpot (along with potatos, onions, carrots, etc.), and this morning it seemed to be in good shape. Bud got some for lunch. He apparently wasn't interested until it had been salted a little bit. Hmmmm.

In the evening, I fed him some more of the roast and potatos. He actually gobbled it up as fast as I could dole it out - after I had put a little salt and pepper on it. I guess he likes his food flavorful. Maybe after the diaper rash clears up we'll try some hot sauce ;).

He chatted with two sets of grandparents, and seemed to interact with them a bit more than he has in the past, showing off some of his signs and chatting quite a bit. The grandparents were thrilled, of course.

Later in the evening Bud had a little bit of a meltdown. He was pretty tired, and hungry as well, apparently, consuming a full twelve ounces of milk before bed. He had a little trouble falling asleep, but not much.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Running Around

Bud had another good day today. We didn't get him out for a drive, as it was rainy all afternoon and evening, but he'll get a chance soon.

Warning: Poop and Butts in the next paragraph.

Bud's butt has been a little irritated recently. He's been pooping lots (like 4 little poops each day), and it seems to perpetuate the issue. Qi Ah-Yi thinks that he's uncomfortable when he poops, so he holds some in, and then has to poop again later... In any case, we've been slathering him with Desitin. Tonight we started using Vaseline instead, to see if that works any better. More frequent diaper changes might help, too.

Other than that, Bud's great. He's tearing around the house, tasting/slobbering on anything he can get his mouth on, and distributing his toys liberally. He's getting tough to keep track of. Things slow down when he's in his chair for eating, but as soon as his feet hit the floor, he's off.

We're awful glad he's feeling so much better. Can't wait for the weather to improve so we can turn him loose on the world (or at least the local park).

Monday, April 10, 2006

Tiny Fingerprints

I have an eye doc appointment tomorrow, so the past couple of days I've been trying to not wear my contacts so much, and wear my glasses a little bit more to let my eyes relax. Bud thinks my glasses are the coolest. He's pretty quick, too, grabbing at them before I can jerk my head away. And that explains the origins of the tiny fingerprints I seem to have on my glasses all the time now.

Bud seemed to have a good time with Qi Ah-Yi today. I worked from home, but happened to step out of the office for lunch while Bud was napping, so I didn't see him until evening. He followed me around like a small shadow for a while.

Bud went to sleep pretty quickly tonight, after drinking 16 ounces of milk during the hour before bed! It was in 2 sittings, but still. I hope he doesn't saturate his diaper tonight.

Bud's going to get a surprise tomorrow. I turned his carseats around in our cars. He'll get to look forward! I expect he'll really like it, and it will make checking on him much easier from the front seats. The carseats we have, the Britax Roundabout, seems to sit much better facing forwards than backwards. I guess they spend more time facing forwards, so that's the preferred installation mode.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

On Communication Skills

Today was another good day with Bud. We had a mellow morning together, and then M-lady watched him while I caught up on sleep. Late morning Bud and I had a video call with one set of grandparents. He really is enjoying the video calls, and engages with the far end folks, especially when he remembers them from a recent visit.

He's making progress communicating... I noticed his sign for dog today (panting). He's also got the signs for 'all done' and 'bye-bye' nailed. He'll shake his head for 'no', but it's uncertain if he really comprehends the meaning. Verbally, he's got 'nana' for banana, and occasionally a 'bye' sound while waving bye-bye. He's also got his array of animal noises: quacking for ducks, neighing for horses, and a 'bow-wow' for dogs. I thought I also heard a 'wawa' for water, but that particular word is currently unverified. I'd love to hear a 'dada' or 'baba', though.

Aunt O came over for lunch, and we took her out to Armadillo Willy's. More cornbread for Bud! Of course, he had lots of milk right beforehand, and little bit of pork as well. And frankly, I'm not convinced he eats much of the cornbread anyways, given the quantity of crumbs on the floor, table, his chair, clothing, etc.

Bud took a nap shortly after getting home, and afterwards we had a video call with another set of grandparents and an aunt. Bud got antsy quickly this time, though. I think he was hungry. Half an apple and some cheese later, he was happy again.

Bud played in the family room mostly entertaining himself while I got to watch the end of the Paris-Roubaix. Always an exciting race. But Bud didn't really seem very interested. That's fine, though. We'll save up his attention for football season. :)

In the evening, after a shower, Bud played around M-lady and I as we flopped down in his play room. It's nice that he can largely entertain himself now. He tired himself out around bedtime (nice how that works out), and went to bed with his current timetable: rock for 20-30 minutes, cry for 20-30 minutes, then rock and fall asleep in about 5 minutes. He's exhausted around that second rock... if he'd just lie down, I'm sure he'd fall asleep on his own! Oh well. He's sleeping through the night, and the memory of sleepless nights is still close enough that I don't take that for granted.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Stomping at the Mall

Yesterday I actually didn't see that much of Bud. M-lady took care of him in the morning, and I got a chance to sleep in. Then in the evening, we went over to Aunt O + Uncle C's place, and I went with my brother in-law to pick up pizza. I did have fun feeding Bud dinner: he was really anxious to try the pizza.

Bud had a success climbing the step from the family room to the dining room. Just a single step, but Bud hasn't been exposed to steps much. And overall, we really haven't encouraged him to climb much, figuring that he'll learn soon enough, and then we'll have to watch out for him leaping off the toilet tank or something. But he did negotiate the step up with reasonable aplomb. He still seemed a little unsure about descending the step, though. We'll have to encourage him to crawl down it backwards. But how do you encourage a walker to crawl? It's so outmoded!

After dinner, we looked at some trip photos on Aunt O's laptop (as well as checking out the website of the designer of my new bike). Bud really wanted to press the keys on the laptop, and got frustrated as we fielded him. When he did managed to get a jab or two in at the keyboard, he was all grins. But it was getting pretty late, so we did our bedtime routine with Bud, changed him, packed him into the car a headed for home. He fell asleep on the drive, but woke up again in the transfer. Oh well.

Today was lots of fun. Bud slept in a little ('til about 8:00 or so), and M-lady got him up an changed again. Then M-lady took off for ballet class while Bud and I hung out for a bit. We chased each other around a bit, and had some more breakfast, and then played on the computer for a while.

After M-lady got home and Bud had some lunch, we headed for the mall to get lunch for us parent types, and to let Bud run around a little bit at the play area there. The paly area was pretty busy and Bud was a bit clingy, but also walked away a couple of times to check out some of the play equipment. Then we all went for a walk through the mall. I got ice cream, and Bud loved the taste of that. Bud also had a great time stomping along holding on to M-lady's hand. I managed to snap this picture with my cell phone (while pushing the stroller, and eating ice cream).

Bud fell asleep on the way home, and since I have a project in the garage I'm working on anyways, we cracked the windows and let him sleep in the car (in the garage). He slept a good 90 minutes in there. When he woke up, we had some french toast for dinner (one of his favorites). Then I took a little nap while M-lady watched Bud for a little while. And then bedtime!

I think I'm going to go out and turn his car seats around to face forward tonight... He's getting pretty big!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Go That Way, Daddy!

Bud and I had a pretty good morning. We got up, hung out, and after a while headed over to meet the Mommies and Kids at playgroup. When we arrived, there were already three pairs of parent and child present, and three more pairs arrived shortly after we did. With seven walking kids the chaos was manageable. Just.

Bud was shy. He spent most of the time there clutching my legs (which is why he doesn't appear in the above shot), although he did take a look at the dog out back and play with some of the toys. But overall it was another insecure day at play group.

He was pretty hungry by the time we left, even though I'd been pushing cereal and bread at him for a while. We got home with just enough time to have some more cereal and a stick of cheese before Qi Ah-Yi arrived.

I put some time into work in the afternoon, and Bud took a nap. At about 5:00pm, I realized that today was probably the only sunny day for the next week, and got myself and the trailer ready for a ride. By 5:30 Bud had finished dinner, and we hit the road shortly thereafter. It was a little late for a long ride, but we got about 18 miles in, and arrived home just after 7:00pm. Bud had a great time. Every time we were at a stop light I would look back, and he would give me a big grin and point forward: Keep going, Daddy!

Bud was pretty wound up when we got home. He at two pieces of toast and a whopping 11 ounces of milk, and then we got on with the bedtime routine. Sadly, it did not go as smoothly as the previous few nights. I rocked him starting a little after 8:00 for about 10 minutes, and then put him down. He cried on and off for a half hour; when I went in to check on him, he was standing propped in the corner of his crib. I laid him back down and soothed him for a few minutes, then left again. No luck. He cried for a few minutes then dropped his pacifier, which elicited screams.

So I went back and rocked him. He passed out almost immediately (it was 9:00pm by this time). I put him in his crib at about 9:15, shortly before M-lady arrived home a day earlier than planned. Yay!

It's great to have her home, and I'm sure Bud will be thrilled to see her in the morning.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Cornbread: Ain't Nothin' Wrong With That!

Bud had another good day today. It was rainy in the morning, and he really enjoyed watching cars pass in the rain outside. Otherwise, the morning was pretty usual.

Bud and Qi Ah-Yi went to his gym class in the later morning, and he took a nap in the early afternoon. I saw Bud a few times in the afternoon as I was in and out running a few errands after the rain slowed down a little bit. Bud was entertaining himself (and Qi Ah-Yi and myself) by taking his nesting cups all nested together and shaking them until they flew around the room. Then he would giggle, and we would all collect the cups so he could do it again. I think he spent most of the afternoon in this activity, on and off.

After the nanny left, our friend Kari came over to hang out for a bit. The three of us tromped off to Armadillo Willy's for dinner, a BBQ place a few blocks from our home. Bud had a little of my pulled pork sandwich and a lot of my cornbread muffin. The beginning of the muffin is fine, since the crust kind of holds things together. But after the crust is devoured, the innards have a tendency to crumble and fall apart before Bud can get it all into his mouth. Consequently, crumbs everywhere. I leave a bigger tip at Armadillo Willy's than I used to.

We got home just in time to start the bedtime routine. Bud was getting tired, and went along gamely. And he certainly is going to sleep himself now. I didn't rock him for more than 15 minutes, then put him in his crib and said goodnight. Kari and I listened to him as he turned on the music in his crib for a while before he went to sleep.

I'd also like to report the emergence of another blog. The Life of Fiona Young Fenstermacher & Her Parents is another blog started by a mommy in our Mom's group, along with the previously linked Freitas Family. Check 'em out!

A Quick Walk Between Cloudbursts

Lil' Bud seemed to have a pretty good day today. He woke up about 8, a few minutes before our house cleaners arrived. I got him fed (about 6 ounces of milk and an Eggo) and changed and we hung out for a while. Bud is very interested in the vacuum cleaner. We don't really use one much, since our house is entirely hardwood floors and tile. But we have a couple of (very) small throw rugs for which the cleaners bring a little upright. Bud is highly suspicious of this activity.

Qi Ah-Yi (loosely 'Auntie Qi'), the nanny, showed up on time at 9:00, and I retreated to the office to log in and get some work done. I emerged a few times during the day, to get lunch or take a break, and Bud always seemed like he was having a good time. He also barged into the office a few times... the door doesn't latch unless you really close it firmly, and he burst in a couple of times. When he did I took him onto my lap, showed him what I was doing, and then handed him back to Qi Ah-Yi.

In the evening we had quick video chats with two sets of grandparents (more on video chats in an upcoming post), quite a bit of broccoli at dinner, and a quick walk about the neighborhood while it wasn't raining. It was the only time today Bud or I got outside for a bit. It was nice to take in some fresh air.

Before bed Bud downed a full 8 ounces of milk. Thirsty dude. And once again, like last night, I rocked him for about 30 minutes and then lay him in his crib while he was still awake. And again, he complained for about a minute before he quieted down and put himself to sleep. Tomorrow I'll probably start shortening the rocking time, maybe to 20 minutes.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Just Us Guys

Bud seemed to have a pretty mellow day today. It rained, so there weren't any outside adventures, but he certainly was exploring the house again today. He's mostly recovered, although the nanny reported some mild diarrhea. He also had a little fall in which he cut the inside of his lip. No visible external damage, but he got a little bit of blood on his drool bib. Didn't seem to bother him after about 10 minutes.

M-lady baked banana bread last night. Bud apparently ate about a loaf, maybe more, during the day today. Not a lot of protein, but he did drink a lot of milk. And he's hoovering up calories again, so that's good. We weighed him last night after the shower: 22.4 pounds. I sort of expect him to put some weight on quickly now that he's better.

At about 6:30 this evening M-lady took off for a business trip. She'll be getting back on Friday evening. Bud waved goodbye, but he was a little distracted by the NCAA basketball finals. So it's just us guys (in the evenings) for the week. Of course the nanny will help out during the day, and M-lady arranged to have some friends stop by in the evenings (either as entertainment for Bud or for me... I'm not sure which). So the week shouldn't be too tough. I'm glad he's feeling better, though.

Normally we rock Bud to sleep. This is probably not recommended, but it really doesn't usually bother us, and it feels like quiet bonding time. But tonight, he just wasn't falling asleep. Probably the time change thing. In any case, after rocking him for about 40 minutes, I set him in his crib, told him good night, and went out. He squeaked and whimpered for all of about 30 seconds, and I didn't hear anything from him again. He couldn't have fallen asleep that fast, so I guess he entertained himself until he fell asleep. Cool!

On an (somewhat) unrelated note, my sister has started a blog about her son, who is 6 months younger than Lil' Bud. The blog is 'little rugger'. Check it out.

The Bike Trailer

There was a request to post a photo of the bike trailer... here's two! Click on the images to see bigger versions.

Of course, it's been too rainy and dark to take reasonable pictures recently. These are from September, so Bud's a little smaller in these shots than he is now. Come to think of it, I'm a little smaller in these shots than I am now :P.

You'll notice Bud is pretty comfy in there. The seat is all fleece-lined, there are adjustable air vents on the windows, there's a sun shade, and the whole thing has a tunable suspension system. It's no wonder he falls asleep every time we go for a ride.

In case you're wondering, it's a Chariot CX1. I use it both as a bike trailer and a jog stroller. So far we've been really happy with it. It will see much more use as the weather improves.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Lil' Bud is Back! Woot!

Lil' Bud is most definitely feeling better today. Finally! He woke up, had 6 ounces of milk and an Eggo, and played with M-lady for a while in the morning. The grumping he did today was generally hunger related. Today he probably consumed twice what he ate yesterday. And nary a sign of lethargy!

We went and met some friends for Dim Sum later in the morning. Bud had just eaten a piece of toast, so wasn't really interested in the food that much. Which was probably for the best, as his GI tract is certainly still recovering. He was interested in grabbing anything within reach on the table, though. We offered him some raisins, which he enoys chewing up and spitting out. I suppose it's just as well... I don't think he can digest the skins yet anyways.

At about 2:00pm, Lil' Bud was ready for a nap, so I took him out for a bike ride in an attempt to cheat the rain which was threatening. We got about a 25 mile ride in. And yes, I pushed my luck a little far; I got fairly wet on the way back. Fortunately I brought some extra layers, so the rain wasn't really a problem. Bud didn't mind the rain: his trailer is well covered and weatherproofed. He slept for about 45 minutes during the 2 hour ride, and seemed content for the rest.

When we got home he ate another big meal, and then we hopped in the shower. M-lady got a picture of him playing with the bubbles in the shower. Boy, does he enjoy the bubbles. He does not enjoy getting water in his face, though, so rinsing off the bubble solution can be a bit of a challenge.

He played some more before bedtime, and then fell asleep pretty easily at the 'new' time, an hour earlier due to the time change last night. I think he didn't really nap enough today, so that helped. He's also probably still recovering. But boy is he lots more fun to be around today. No vomiting, no diarrhea, and a significantly improved attitude!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

A Long Day

Lil' Bud had sort of a tough day today. No vomiting and only one poop, so his digestive track is recovering, but he still seemed kind of miserable and clingy all day.

He woke at about seven, and I hung out with him for a while until M-lady got up and took a shift. I snoozed for about 90 minutes while Bud apparently howled for about 30 minutes before falling asleep for a little while. He woke again around the time I did.

M-lady went out to run some errands, and Bud and I had second breakfast, made a couple of calls to the grandparents, and then went on a quick outing to Fry's. Bud was OK through most of this. But after lunch, he just wouldn't stay asleep for his afternoon nap. He slept in 2 fifteen-minute bursts between 1 and 2, and was kind of groggy and fussy for the rest of the afternoon.

At about 3:45 he went to sleep again, this time for about an hour, and woke REALLY grumpy. He screamed and howled as we tried to feed him some dinner, and comfort him, but he wasn't having any of it. Eventually we concluded that he must be in some sort of discomfort (gastrointestinal or tooth), gave him a dose of Motrin, and rocked him back to sleep. He slept from 5:15 to 6:30 or so, and was much more pleasant when he woke up.

The evening was like any other, if a little low-key. Dinner of cereal, rice, and some yogurt, a little hanging out time, and then the bedtime routine. He went to sleep pretty readily. Hopefully, he'll be a little happier tomorrow.