Friday, March 31, 2006

Hanging in There...

Lil' Bud was moving pretty slowly today. I think the vomiting and diarrhea has taken its toll. We've tried to keep him hydrated, but he really hasn't taken in nearly enough calories this week, and he was overall pretty sluggish today. He perked up a bit in the evening, but he really wasn't interested in doing much more than looking out the window, watching TV, and sleeping today. We did call the doctor and word has it that he's got a flu that's going around, and should be feeling better in the next couple of days.

The weather, of course, isn't helping. I heard that in the Bay Area a record was broken this month which had been in place since 1904 for the number of rainy days in March: the new record is 25. Ugh. That being said our nanny got Bud out for a walk this morning before the rain started coming down again, which he seemed to enjoy.

He played with Mommy a little bit in the afternoon, and reportedly threw balls into a box with Mommy. This is one of those 'organizing' skills, and as such is very exciting. We tried to do it again in the evening, but he wasn't so interested.

A few weeks ago we got an emergency cell phone for the nanny to carry when she goes out with Bud. It's a pay-as-you-go thing, and works out to something like 8 dollars a month or so. In any case, since we got the phone it has been receiving calls non-stop. Apparently the number it got assigned was either in use recently or someone is giving out the wrong number. The phone had a slew of voicemails, but I couldn't access the voicemail for the phone due to mis-configuration. It took two calls to customer service, a trip to the Cingular store, and then another call to customer service to get voicemail set up and clear out the inbox. Now people will at least hear my name before they leave a message... maybe they'll figure out that they have a wrong number.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Feeling Better, But Not All Well Yet

Lil' Bud is definitely better (no fever these past two days), but is still on the mend. Some vomiting and lots of diarrhea, so he's gotten extra baths and we're doing lots of laundry. But he's certainly feeling better, and playing and running around just as much as usual.

Yesterday morning he barfed up his morning milk on the futon again. We got a futon from IKEA that we really love. In fact, we liked it so much that we bought a second one: there's one in Bud's room, and one in the play room. We use them as simple couches, but they fold out into fairly comfy beds. In any case, the cover of the one in the play room has taken it's share of vomit. Sadly, it's a dry-clean only cover, and we just haven't gotten around to getting it dry cleaned yet. But this last blast might be the proverbial straw. It's starting to get a little stinky.

Yesterday morning Bud went with Mommy and Nanny to a Sunnyvale community gym class for little ones (9-15 months). He apparently had fun, but was very shy. Not really that surprising. It will be good for him to socialize more, though.

This morning I took Bud out. We would normally go to Mommy group, but since he was still a little sick I figured we'd just run around on our own. We hit a couple of bike stores, and had a pretty good time before more rain hit in the afternoon. Speaking of, I can't wait 'til Spring really gets underway and we can play with Bud outside a little more. At some point I really need to fix the sprinklers in the back yard and then lay down sod. It'll be a couple of weekends tough work, but it will make a great place for Bud to play.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Recovering Quickly

Lil' Bud was much better today. He woke with a low grade fever, but one dose of Motrin broke that and he ws fine for the rest of the day. Phew! His appetite wasn't really there today, but that's not too surprising. I'm sure he'll make it up tomorrow.

I played with him a bit before the nanny came this morning, and for another couple hours in the evening, and our play is definitely starting to shift. He is much more content entertaining himself for minutes at a time now. Whereas before someone had to constantly be engaged with him, he's now OK just running around and playing on his own. That doesn't mean you don't have to watch him, however :).

He's now saying 'bye' pretty consistantly, which makes 2 words. He's a little behind some of the others in his play group, but it's not worrying yet. The doctor posited that he might pick up words a little more slowly since we're throwing two different languages at him (with totally different phenomes, to boot). It would certainly confuse me, if I were trying to learn how to speak :).

Monday, March 27, 2006

Sick Again!!?!!

Poor Lil' Bud is sick again today. He was fine and happy in the morning, but had some ugly diarrhea shortly after getting up. Didn't spoil his mood, though. But by early afternoon, he was running a 101 degree fever, and that did slow him down a bit.

He vomited once today and continued with the diarrhea, prompting us to treat with Pedialyte to replace fluids and electrolytes, and Motrin and Tylenol for the fever. By late afternoon, after a nap, he was much better, and seemed pretty happy in the evening. We resticted his diet to some toast and water after he vomited, and he seemed OK with that and kept it down. Over all he wasn't particularly hungry. Poor little guy was really tired by bedtime.

We're hoping this is a short-lived bug. It has the hallmarks of a simple gastroenteritis sort of thing, which probably won't last more than a day or two. But it's hard to believe he got sick again right after recovering from his cold a few weeks ago. So far he's slept fine tonight, and we hope that continues. With any luck he be bright and chipper in the morning. And I should go to bed so I am too.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

More Grandparent Excitement

After a pretty mellow morning with Bud, we met M-lady's parents at a Chinese restaurant recommended by our nanny for brunch. And while the food was very good, Lil' Bud had just eaten, so didn't really get into things. All in all he ate quite a bit less today. Probably still full from yesterday.

We retired to our place in the afternoon, and I escaped for a bike ride. When I returned, Bud's excitement was at a fever pitch. He was thrilled to be playing games and hanging out with his Grandparents. Unfortunately, he didn't really nap today, so by early evening his balance was going. We had to keep a close eye on him to make sure he didn't fall and hurt himself as he charged around the house.

After dinner the Grandparents left, and Bud and I took a shower. The easiest way for us to wash him is to take his little plastic tub into the shower, fill it, and hang out with him there. M-lady and I got him some bubbles for his birthday, and the shower seems like the perfect place for that, so we had a great time with bubbles in the shower.

After that the lack of nappage really caught up with Bud. He was pretty tired, and fell asleep quickly. After he fell asleep, we gave his hair a little trim... just the bangs and over the ears. Of course, it was dark, so we'll have to wait until tomorrow to view the results. Tune in to tomorrow's post to find out!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hungry Kid

Today started very early for Lil' Bud and me. He woke at about 4:30am, and never really went back to sleep. At 6:00 or so we stopped trying and had some breakfast. At 7:00 I woke M-lady to watch him for a bit and passed out for a couple hours. Apparently Bud slept a bit while I was out of it, too.

In the morning I took Bud off to Fry's to pick up some disposable media (we had run out of blank CDs), and when we got back at about 11:00am he was clearly a bit hungry. So in went 4 ounces of yogurt, some Cheerios, and a slice of bread. About 30 minutes later he topped off his early lunch with another 6 ounces of milk.

In the afternoon we headed over to Aunt O and Uncle C's place, and visited with them and the Grandparents. Bud had a pretty good time... this was the first time he'd been over to their place since he was really mobile and walking. Perhaps the most interesting were the stones in a decorative fountain on the hearth: different colors, irregularly shaped, each about an inch and a half in diameter and polished smooth. Bud kept trying to hold them all, but could only hang on to about 5. The 6th kept dropping.

At 3:00pm or so he at half of a large banana. This was somewhat unusual, as we haven't been feeding him a lot of banana recently. But he saw a bunch sitting on the counter, pointed to them and said 'Nana', and then munched contentedly for a while when we provided him with some cut-up chunks.

M-lady stepped out to run an errand, and returned with a smoothy. Bud, of course, wanted what Mommy had, so quickly taught himself to drink through a straw in the course of about 30 or 40 seconds. And that smoothy was a winner! Mommy didn't get much of the rest of the smoothy.

At dinner, Bud started with 8 ounces of milk, then proceeded to eat a handful of cereal and a heaping helping of flavored rice. For dessert, he had half a slice of spongecake baked by Aunt O. Overall, he ate quite a bit more than Mommy did for dinner. I'm sure the Grandparents think we're starving our child.

And rounding out the day, of course, he drank another 6 ounces of milk before bed. Lil' Bud consumed his first gallon of cow's milk in 6 days. I think we're going to break that record this week.

Hard-Soled Shoes

Lil' Bud's first shoes were Robeez. In fact, he had three or four pairs, and as a first shoe I highly recommend them. They're really just leather slippers, providing a minimal sole so the child can better feel the floor or ground while learning to walk.

But Lil' Bud was starting to run around outdoors, and needed something with a bit more sole. So while my mother was visiting a little while ago we got him a simple pair of Stride Rites.

When we first put the Stride Rites on his feet, he just sat there, looking at his feet encased in the somewhat stiffer leather and whimpering. So off they came after a few minutes. A month later we tried again, hoping that his feet hadn't grown too much. This time, after socializing with the shoes not on his feet, he was willing to wear them. But he wasn't yet ready to go anywhere. He would stand, but couldn't bring himself to pick up his feet, and would look down at them and up at me, rooted to the spot, and whimper again. Now, a week later, we're at the point where it's sort of like he's learning to walk again. He's willing to walk in the shoes, but is clearly still trying to get his balance, and preferes to cruise if he can find handholds. Within a week or two I'm sure he'll be at full speed in them. Yay!

In another month or two, we'll try the little running shoes we got for him. Incidentally, I love the model name of these shoes... they're Stride Rite 'Stumpcrushers'. I just get an image of a 25 pound kid jumping up and down on a 200+ pound stump...

Friday, March 24, 2006

Visiting with the Grandparents

Lil' Bud got to spend a good portion of the day visiting with his grandparents. And boy does he love the attention. I actually didn't see him that much today: M-lady was kind enough to take care of him when he woke (at about 6:00am), and handed him off to me at about 7:45. But he was already a bit sleepy at that point; sometimes he just gets himself up too early and needs to nap again really quickly. I blame the sun coming up earlier. I expect this will be less of an issue when the time change happens.

In any case, he went down for a nap at about 8:20, and that was the last I saw of him until I was called in to help change a poopy diaper right before dinner. I also rocked him to sleep, but that didn't take too long tonight.

M-lady got some great pics. Bud loves his little Magna-Doodle, and while he enjoys drawing on it (you can see some of his artwork in the photo), grabbing the stylus dangling from the string is clearly his favorite activity.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Lil' Bud got to see and mingle with lots of people today. We went to his play group today, and then in the evening M-lady and I hosted a small party for our dancers. Bud got to interact with lots of folks.

He slept pretty well last night, so that helped things quite a bit. Late morning we headed off to visit with his play group. The play group grew out of a Mommy group which met at a Mother's class and continued to get together at various members houses. It's a great, cohesive group. While I was taking time off work, I was the parent primarily involved with taking Bud for get-togethers. So it's mommies and me, and the little ones who are now running around (it was so much easier to keep track of them when they just sort of sat there).

There were 5 other mommies and toddlers there today, including the host. Bud was particularly shy today. He mostly stayed within a few steps of me, and didn't interact much with the other kids. Some days he's like that, other days he'll jump right in. It may have been just a little too close to nap time.

In the afternoon, M-lady's parents arrived to spend the weekend. They of course arrived bearing gifts, and Bud was ecstatic playing with the toys and his grandparents.

In the evening, guests for our party started arriving about an hour before his bedtime. Again, more attention was lavished on the little one. He presented an extremely cute face, and giggled and cooed a bit before getting really tired and rubbing his eyes and hiding his face. So off to bed, where he fell asleep promptly and hasn't peeped since.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bad Night, Good Day

Lil' Bud had a tough night last night. He woke at about 1:30, and after we let him cry for a bit M-lady went a curled up with him on the couch in his room. They slept for about an hour, but he woke again when she tried to put him in his crib. I got up, checked that he was OK, and let him cry for a while. I took the monitor into the office and kept tabs on him while M-lady got some sleep. He managed to cry on and off for the better part of 90 minutes, then whimper for a while. Just when I thought he was asleep, he'd start up again. And just when I thought I should go check on him, he'd be quiet for 10 minutes.

I finally went to check on him, and he was sleeping standing up propped in the corner of his crib. He would roll his head and whimper every once in a while... I don't think he was very comfortable. I rocked him to sleep for about 20 minutes, was able to deposit him in his crib, and he slept until morning. Of course, it was approaching 5:00am at that point so morning wasn't really that far away. Not surprisingly, he slept in a bit more than usual.

His day really seemed fine. Lots of eating, lots of playing. No signs on discomfort at his injection sites or anywhere else. He only took one nap today, but that seems to be the general direction he's going. We played "Chase" in the evening: he'll chase me around for a bit, then I'll ambush him from behind a corner or sneak up behind him. He screams and giggles. We'll have to get some video of it soon. It's getting harder for me as he gets faster. :)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I took Lil' Bud in to the doctor's office today with our nanny to get the immunizations that we put off at his one year checkup. We had originally put them off because Bud was sick at the time. He got three shots today: two in the leg (last of HIB and Pneumococcal), and his first chicken pox vaccination in his arm. It's the first shot he's gotten in his arm.

All in all he handled the shots as well as ever. He screams a bit, but he probably screams more when we try to wipe his nose. I held him for the shots, and then the nanny whisked him away out of the room while I gathered our belongings. Bud calmed down as soon as he got out of the room, and by the time we'd gotten back to the car was cheerfully pointing at things again.

Unlike past immunizations, he didn't seem to get sore today. He stayed in a pretty good mood all day. He's still eating surprisingly large quatities of food... for lunch he ate more than M-lady usually eats. And he had a healthy portion of french toast at dinner, too.

The dry skin on his chin seems to be clearing up a little. Yay! But the drool hasn't slowed down at all. We're all a little dampish here right now.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Another New Skill

Lil' Bud woke at about 4:30 this morning, and refused to sleep without someone holding him. That's not the new skill. But it does mean that this is going to be a shorter post, as I was up in the wee hours rocking him.

Bud was extremely clingy today. It seems like something might be bothering him, but the only candidates that seem possible are teething (he's drooling by the bucketfull), and chapped skin around his mouth (apparently caused by drooling by the bucketfull). We've started putting vaseline on the chapped skin, but the only cure for the teething is time.

He's also still eating what seems to be about 3 times the suggested volume of food for a toddler. Maybe he's still making up for the calories forfeited during his cold, or maybe growing teeth takes more energy than I thought. M-lady has been preparing great lunches for him, tho.

The new skill mentioned in the title was displayed this evening while I was playing with Bud and M-lady prepared dinner. He has a set of the ubiquitous plastic stacking donuts. Up until now, his favorite activity with the donuts has been dumping them all off and chewing on the end of the spindle. But tonight I unstacked and restacked the donuts a couple times, and encouraged him to give it a try. Sure enough, he managed to get all but the smallest donut on the spindle. Yay! We were so proud. Our little guy is not solely and agent of entropy any longer! Of course, after stacking the donuts twice, he dumped them and started chewing on the spindle.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

A Day of Good Eats

Lil' Bud was pretty clingy today, but overall seemed to have a pretty good day. He definitely plowed into his meals with a vengance. M-Lady prepared some noodles with turkey and peas, and Bud ate a big helping of that for lunch along with 5 ounces of milk. At dinner time, he shared M-Lady's lasagna with her and had another 7 ounces of milk. Wow!

We took him out in the afternoon to the mall so we could get a new diaper bag. The diaper bag we had was perfectly functional, but carried a lot more than we actually need now. For example, we used to carry about 4 clean diapers with us, but he needs to be changed much less frequently now. We don't need to carry around the extra bottle stuff now (now it's sippy cups). And so on. The backpack has been great, but we just don't need to carry all that stuff anymore. M-Lady found a bag she was very happy with which seems to be much easier for her to handle than the backpack, and after getting it home and test-loading, it seems to hold all the stuff we need it to.

We've had dinner guests the past couple of nights. Auntie O and Uncle C came over last night, and spent some time playing with Bud. Bud seemed content to hand out puzzle pieces from one of his wooden puzzles to both of the guests.

Kari and Jeremy came over this evening for dinner and some games. Kari is Bud's first nanny, and he remembers her and likes her very much. Jeremy he seems not so sure of, but I think Bud's getting used to him. It was a very enjoyable evening.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Up Late and On the Road

Lil' Bud is still eating up a storm, and he refuses to let us clean his nose, but is otherwise healthy and happy. Last night M-Lady and I were perhaps a little naughty and took Bud out with us after his bedtime. We went out to a local dance party, and while Bud fell asleep on the drive there, he woke at the party and sort of stared at everything with rather glassy eyes.

He was kind enough (or out of it enough) to let his former nanny hold him without protest while M-Lady and I got a few dances in. We stayed for about an hour, and took Lil' Bud home and put him to bed. Fortunately, he fell asleep fairly quickly, and seemed to sleep well.

He did wake a little early this morning, though. M-Lady took care of him before she took off for her ballet class, and I took care of him from about 8:00am on. We played for a bit, and he ate most of one of my Eggos, as well as some Cheerios and some yogurt.

At about 10:30, a friend of ours, Doug, and his 17 month old daughter Kira arrived. Doug and I attached our trailers to our bikes, loaded the kids in, and hit the road! We had a great ride. Lil' Bud napped for the first hour, and just sort of enjoyed the ride for the second hour. Kira fussed a little bit after riding for an hour, but she was quickly soothed with a snack of some raisins which Doug had brought for her.

Riding with the trailers is interesting. The trailer, with the 25 pound child in it, probably weighs about 50 pounds. Fortunately the trailers we have are very well made, and don't seem to produce much rolling drag or cause handling issues with the bike. However, they do increase wind resistance, and there's all that extra mass you have to haul around. Accelerating away from a stop light requires a bit more effort, and climbing is quite a bit more arduous. In any case, Doug and I rode for about two hours, hit a few small hills (that felt like enourmous hills), and covered just under 30 miles.

Today being the first really sunny weekend day in about a month, the cyclists were out in droves. It was great to get out and pedal for a bit. And the workout just happens that much faster with the extra resistance and another daddy to chat with!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Getting Hungry

Lil' Bud is definitely feeling better. His appetite has increased dramatically over the past two days... I think he's making up for lost calories. He seems to get hungry every hour or so, and eats more than usual. As long as he keeps it down, I'm fine with it :). He's also slept through the night the past two nights. Phew!

M-Lady and I took Lil' Bud out for dinner tonight, and had a pretty good time. We stuck down a disposable placemat on the tray of his restaurant-provided highchair. These disposable mats are pretty cool: they're basically a sheet of thin plastic with temporary adhesive on one side to stick the edges down. I made the tactical error of sticking the placemat down so it was fairly taut over the rim of the tray, although Bud didn't exploit the situation until about halfway through the meal. He discovered that if he smacked the tight plastic layer, it would rebound the entire sheet, sending his meal flying. He discovered this with a few small taps, then a big grin and a couple of good whacks. Peas and cornbread everywhere. M-Lady and I were trying to keep from laughing too hard so he wasn't particularly encouraged, but we were only mostly successful.

The other notable at dinner was Bud's first ice cream. I gave him a few licks of my vanilla softserve cone. Predictably, he thought the ice cream was pretty neat, and was a bit disappointed when I finished the cone. I'm sure he'll have ample opportunity to share ice cream with daddy in the future, though.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Feeling Better

It seems we turned the corner today. Lil' Bud slept through the night (yay!), and woke at about 7:00am. He had a similar post-nasal drip going on, and barfed up some mucus, and had a really low-grade fever (about 99 degrees). I got some meds into him, but he kept spitting up, so I wasn't sure how much of a dose he got. In any case, he had a little milk (and didn't barf after that) and went back to sleep after about an hour and a half for a mid-morning nap. Actually, I guess a nap at 8:30am is still an early morning nap. Regardless, after his nap he was pretty much fine for the rest of the day.

He got one more dose of the decongestant/cough suppressant during the day, but otherwise seemed pretty happy. He's not really eating lots, but that's to be expected while he's sick. I suspect his appetite to pick up a bit in the next few days.

Right after I wrapped up work, I went for a quick run. Man, it's hard to stay in shape while taking care of a baby! After I came back, I grabbed a Gatorade. Bud loves to share the Gatorade with me... I'll take a gulp, put the cap on and give it to him, and he'll pretend he's drinking and run around with the bottle for a while. Actually, I get a fairly good workout trying to catch up with my Gatorade. M-Lady grabbed this snap of Bud.

You may notice the bib he's wearing in the photo. Today he seems to have turned the drool back on... perhaps another tooth coming? He's been holding steady at seven teeth for a few months now. The nanny put one of his old cloth bibs on to try to keep his clothes from getting soaked. It doesn't keep Daddy from getting soaked while holding him, though.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Milk and grapes

Lil' Bud is getting better.

He also drank straight cow's milk from a sippy cup today for his traditional three liquid feedings during the day, with an excellent success rate. He only barfed up some of the morning meal. Incidentally, cow's milk makes much stinkier vomit than breast milk or formula. Blerg.

So we think we're done with bottles! Yay! Of course, we'll keep them available for a little while, but boy will it be nice to not have to wash and sterilize those suckers. No more mixing formula, or the extra trips to Costco to purchase formula. We can just get his milk at the same grocery store that we shop at for ourselves.

Over all, Bud is better today. He had that same low-grade fever in the morning, but his evening temperature was normal. He seemed to have a good time playing with the nanny today, although he did spend more time napping than usual. At dinner he ate lots of grapes which we puchased at our late night grocery run last night (see previous post :).

Bud didn't sleep really well last night, though. He woke coughing at about 4:00am, and I went out to check on him. He had possibly the worst post-nasal drip I've ever seen. He was swallowing a big wad of mucus every 20-30 seconds. I realized quickly that he was bound to vomit it up soon, and headed for the kitchen. And while I didn't manage to get him over the sink for all the barfs (there were several), I did manage to catch almost all of it in a napkin, saving the need to change him (or me).

I managed after a couple of tries to get a sufficient dose of decongestant in him, and after another 20 minutes or so his nose slowed down enough that he could go back to sleep. So overall I'm very happy with how I handled things (didn't have to change him!) but sorry he was so miserable. And I ended up losing another 2 hours in the middle of the night.

Has anyone else noticed the sudden change in decongestant medication? I've always used pseudoephedrine HCl oral decongestants, and suddenly you can't find them anymore. The reason seems to be new laws restricting their sale as pseudoephedrine can be used in the production of methamphetamines. Seems everyone is switching to phenylephrine HCl. Seems to work OK for me. And Bud.

Hopefully Bud will sleep through the night tonight, and not have a fever tomorrow!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

A down and up weekend

Lil' Bud is getting better, but his progress seems pretty slow. He's been running a low-grade fever all weekend, so we've been plying him with Motrin and Tylenol at reasonably regular intervals and encouraging him to nap lots. He seems a little happier today than yesterday, but was still running a bit hot in the evening before bedtime. Thankfully, the fear of an ear infection seems not to have materialized, as his temperature hasn't shown any evidence of spiking.

We are currently in the middle of a transition for Lil' Bud from formula to cow's milk. The fluid transition has been going pretty well (and the transition from breast milk to formula was pretty smooth, too). We started by putting a little bit of milk in his formula, then mix 3:1, then 1:1, then 1:3. We're currently at the 'slightly formula flavored cow's milk' stage, and aside from a brief protest the very first day, Bud hasn't seemed to mind the switch too much. But we're also trying to get away from bottles at the same time, and I think we're a little behind on this front. All the authorities (doctors, baby book authors, etc.) say you need to switch the bottle aout at the same time or the child won't drink cow's milk from a cup. We've tried to give him milk in a sippy cup, but he hasn't really taken to it yet. He drinks water from a sippy cup just fine, tho.

He rediscovered grapes today, and thoroughly enjoyed them this time around. So grapes go on the shopping list :).

Friday, March 10, 2006

A Show!

Lil' Bud is still suffering from his cold. He has woken in the night the past couple of nights with a fever, but after a dose of Motrin and he goes back to sleep quickly enough. But it's a great reminder of how much I appreciate 6 or so continuous hours of sleep.

Yesterday we took him to the doctor for his 1 year physical and checkup. Weight: 23 lbs. Height: 29 inches. Head Circumfrence: 47.5 cm. And while all these measurements fall well within normal 1-year-old specs, I do have some questions about the form. At what point does 'Length' become 'Height'? When they stand up? Certainly the first few times we had that particular measurement taken it was referred to as 'Length'. And they haven't changed the way they take the measurement... he lies down on the table and they take the measurement while he's prone. And why the heck is Length/Height measured in inches and Head Circumfrence is measured in centimeters? I find it all very confusing.

Bud did manage to get a brief reprieve on his vaccinations. Since he's sick and has a low grade fever, they didn't want to give him the vaccinations and then not know what caused a fever spike (if one occurs). So we'll wait a week or two and he'll get his shots when he's a little healthier. So far his only reaction to the injections has been sore legs (where he gets the shots), but he gets a new vaccination this time: chickenpox.

This evening we took Lil' Bud out to see the Danse Libre performance at the Sequoia's. M-Lady and I were founding members of DL many years ago, although neither of us has performed in the group for a few years. We do still provide quite a bit of choreographic material and advice for them, tho. In any case, it was a very well executed hour-long performance, and Lil' Bud was an angel. He really seemed to enjoy watching the dancing, and I kept him occupied during the talking by popping little bits of bread and cheese in his mouth. He was quiet for the whole show, and very observant. He did offer a smile when he saw his former Nanny, one of the dancers in the group.

Bud has been a little barfy the past few days. But they've been relatively small barfs, and our house is mostly hardwood floors, so cleaning up hasn't been too much of a problem. And Lil' Bud, when he was Itty Bitty Bud, used to barf up a meal almost once a day. So the barfing really doesn't bug us much anymore.

Quick barfing story... if you don't like Monty Python type humor, you may want to just stop reading here. Bud's best barf came as we were getting ready to fly across the country to visit Bud's grandparents. Bud was about five months old. We had a 10:00 am flight, so we had the opportunity to do our morning routine before heading out. We had just gotten everything ready and packed, and we were just about to head out the door, when Itty Bitty Bud, whom I was holding, looked at me and unloaded his breakfast right in my face. Projectile-style, point blank. I got it up my nose, in my eyes, and all the way down all of my travel clothes. We we fortunate in that we had enough time to clean up and make the airport without being too rushed, but I could smell curdled formula for days.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Still Ill

Bud's still sick, and ran a fever for a brief time today, but was clearly feeling better in the evening. He seemed to sleep OK, and was fairly bright and chipper in the morning, but after his early afternoon nap he woke with a low fever. Babies are so miserable with a fever... just lethargic and clingly and crying. In fact, kind of like a lot of adults I know when they get a fever :). But he handled a dose of child's ibuprofen well (seems to like the flavor of that one) and was pretty happy again in about 20 minutes.

M-Lady and the nanny took him to the doctor, where they sympathized with his cold, and suggested he might have a small ear infection. But since we're scheduled to bring him in tomorrow for his 1 yr physical, they'll check his ears again then and see what's brewing.

This evening after dinner Bud just hit the afterburners. He was running around, banging his walker into walls, banging his toys around, and giggling the whole time. It was certainly fun to watch, but tiring to follow. He kept it up for 75 minutes or more. He finally wound down in time for bed, but boy did that head of steam carry him for a while.

M-Lady procured some literature about toddler's diets last night, which we pored over together for a bit. It is remarkable how little food a toddler needs. Since they generally aren't growing so much, they really don't need to eat too much. They apparently just need lots of fats for neural development. Break out the olive oil! Of course, we need to make an effort to feed him more vegetables, since we really don't eat enough of those ourselves. So to complement dinner tonight I stir-fried and steamed some broccoli, green pepper and carrots...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

He slept through the night, if a bit loudly

We had a pretty mellow day today. Lil' Bud slept through the night, which was nice, although I woke up several times worrying that he might not still be breathing. I'd listen to the monitor for a few seconds until I heard some movement or a snore, and then I'd fall back asleep for another hour or two.

Bud really seems to be enjoying getting outside recently. Unfortunately, the weather has been really wet for the past couple of weeks. He managed to get out to the library today with our wonderful nanny for a toddler's reading time, but he's been a bit cooped up otherwise. We'll have to make an effort to get him out and about more as the weather gets better. As it gets lighter later, I should be able to take him for bike rides (in his little trailer) in the evenings.

M-lady and I have been working on a video montage of photos and short video clips from the past year. Picking a set of photos, digitizing the video, and putting it all together is fairly time consuming. But we're looking forward to distributing it to family and friends once we get it done.

Monday, March 06, 2006

A bit under the weather...

Bud woke me early this morning (~2:15am) with an ugly wheeze in his breathing and a wicked barking cough. I guess he caught the cold I'm still in the process of recovering from. I woke up M-Lady and we gave him a bit of decongestant, and then I rocked him back to sleep. While he wasn't anxious to get up and run around, he didn't fall asleep for about an hour, and then didn't sleep soundly enough for me to put him down for another hour. I didn't crawl back into bed until about 4:30.

Lil' Bud has slept well through the night for a bit more than four months now. And boy, do we enjoy getting most of a night's sleep. The level of sleep deprivation associated with raising a newborn is truly staggering. M-Lady and I thought having twins might be OK, since we'd like to have two children and that way we wouldn't have to deal with all the phases twice, wouldn't have to store the clothes/toys/furniture for the next child, etc. But now we marvel that the parents of twins survive at all.

In any case, Lil' Bud was better in the morning, although still a bit congested. This was reported to me by the wonderful M-Lady, who handled Bud in the morning so I could catch up on a little missed sleep. Bud didn't have fever or lethargy, and had his usual appetite during the day. He got a bit fussy towards bedtime, but otherwise was OK.

We gave him another dose of the decongestant before bed; with any luck, that will hold him through the night, although I'm not counting on it. We hope he gets better soon. A sick baby is so miserable it breaks your heart. And I could use six hours uninterrupted sleep ;).

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Got my hat on...

Lil' Bud, seen here enjoying his cake and his party hat.

What a Day!

Lil' Bud's birthday went pretty well. Hanging out with Mommy and Daddy in the morning, then went for a jog with Daddy after lunch. Then it was party time! Unfortunately, Bud missed his afternoon nap before the party, so he was a little fragile, but overall held it together pretty well. It helped that we had a small party, and he was pretty comfortable with most of the guests.

A few of our friends came over with gifts for Bud. We had already had a big party with all the kids in his playgroup. Bud is the youngest of his playgroup... their birthdays range from early January to, well, today. So in February, rather than descending on some poor family's home and leaving it in ruins, we held a joint party at the MyGym in Palo Alto. All of the kids seemed to have a good time, and it was great to get all the parents together as well.

Bud really liked the cake M-Lady made for him, and while he's generally not really a messy eater, he managed to get cake and icing on his hands, face, clothes, hair, me, etc. Which really is the point of a Birthday, huh?

M-Lady had made Bud a party hat by covering a storebought SpongeBob paper hat with felt. It looked pretty good, and Bud didn't seem to mind wearing it too much.

While the cake was well received, it sure wasn't the highlight of the party for Lil' Bud. His favorite was clearly the packaging that the presents came in. The presents were pretty good, too, but the packaging! Boy, those paper bags and pieces of tissue paper and cardboard boxes are great!

Actually, he did carry the toy phone which M-Lady and I got him all evening. He loves pressing buttons. Just like his Dad!

Happy Birthday, Bud!

We made it. My son turns a year old today. So we'll celebrate his successful orbit of the local star, and my wife's an my successful efforts to keep him alive.

Now, a quick note as to what this is all about. I'm not really a journal kind of guy. But before lil' Bud was born, I was given a log book in which to keep daily notes, along with those special notes like 'length, weight, and head circumfrence at six months'. Aside from a few weeks at the beginning lost to massive sleep deprivation, I've written in the log pretty faithfully. Early posts were of the sort: "Didn't barf quite so much today!" or "Eyebrows! And his head is getting fuzzy!" but later posts became a little more elaborate.

Which brings me to today. The log book I've been writing in covers only the first year, which is now done with. So we're moving on, and I'll be posting here with all the important happenings of a toddler in Silicon Valley. I'll cover the formal introductions later today or early next week, and get a photo or two up.

It's nice to be online!